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Memorial created 06-30-2010 by
Carol Gammino
April 1 1996 - June 13 2010

My Precious Angel

In loving memory of my Ollie who I love so much. Ollie will be greatly missed and be in my heart forever.

Lord I cannot thank you enough for bringing Ollie into my life. He was my rock and my bestfriend and there will never be another dog like him ever again. He was the first life that I was soley responsible for and he never wanted for anything, spoiled rotten just the way I wanted it!  Thank you God, please keep him safe, warm and just make sure he knows how much I love him and that we will be together soon never to be apart again.  Amen

My Ollie Wallie.... I remember like it was yesterday when you were a pup baby and you ran right to me at the shelter, out of the whole litter you were the one that ran to me, I knew right then and there I was taking you home. You had biggest floppy ears I thought you would fly away you were so beautiful.

We have been through so much together for the past 14 years buddy and you have been my best friend and I could always rely on you to cheer me up and to have a shoulder to cry on.

I feel so guilty for having to put you to rest but I had to sweetie, the cancer was eating you up and I didn't want to make you suffer honey.... I didn't want to remember you that way. Everyone tells me that if you could talk you would have told me that it is okay Mommy it's time for me to go home.

I love you precious angel, you are my gift from God. I have your ashes by your bed, which I haven't moved and still has your imprint on it. I put your favorite toys there too for you. I miss you so much my heart is broken and my life will never be the same without you.

Christie misses you too Ollie, when I got her home she ran all over to look for you and was depressed and wouldn't eat or play for several days. She is better now and I am too but I still cry everyday and as the days pass I know it will get easier.

I long for the day when I can hold you again and we can be together forever.... your my baby.... Good night Ollie, your my precious angel, my gift from God.... sleep good baby angel and I will see you soon.

Love with all my heart,  Mommy

Ollie and I want to thank everyone for viewing his memorial page and for the kind words for my precious angel, God Bless everyone.




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