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March 3 1999 - July 29 2010

Scarlett O'Hara of Tara (her registered AKC name)

For my Sweet Baby Girl Scarlett, who will be with me forever in my heart, mind and soul. Thank you for being the best girl ever. I miss you oh soooooo very, very much, and my heart aches for you every single day, but I know there's peace in where you are now, free of pain and suffering.  There was no one like you… and I believe never again will there be another dog as smart, strong, sweet, wise and beautiful as you. I can only hope that one day, you will help lead me to another puppy that is as wonderful as you were.   Even now, when I look at photos of you and look at your intense beautiful brown eyes, I feel like you are still touching my soul, and that I am looking down into the depth of the amazing soul you were and still are.  I will always treasure and hold close the memories we made together, only a portion of which are memorialized here. This is my tribute, my salute to the special soul you were and always will be for me.
Many people have said that Scarlett was lucky to have had such a loving Mom as me in her life, but they don't realize that it is I who was the fortunate one, for Scarlett taught me oh so many things about life and loving. She taught me not only what love was, but even better, she showed me what unconditional love was - every single day. Scarlett was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life (until I met my husband years later), and I was as fortunate to have had her in my life, as some say she was to have had me in her life.
We had such a strong connection, we would communicate in such a way that of course she knew what I wanted by my words and actions, but I knew what she wanted by her look.  Oh yes - that Scarlett look.  And that Scarlett stubbornness.. She had a brain and she knew what she wanted. When we were on a walk, if she wanted to go a different direction, she'd stop and I'd still be walking the other direction and realize she wasn't with me. I'd stop and turn around and look at her and ask, "show Mommy what you want."  She'd turn and look at the direction she wanted to go.  If I was ok with going that way, I'd say ok let's go that way and her tail would wag and we'd head off in that direction. If I didn't want to go that way, I'd say "no we're not going that way," but she'd stay frozen where she was. I'd tell her "no, we're not going that way and you have to come with me". She wouldn't budge. I'd have to convince her to come with me until she'd begrudgingly follow me. Or if it really wasn't important to me, (especially towards the end when she was sick and I'd do anything to see that tail wag!) I'd just humor her and say ok, we'll go your way.... and her tail would wag and she'd lead me off in the direction she wanted us to go.
If I hid her toy or her treat on top of the fridge, she'd be standing in the kitchen, and if I didn't get there in enough time, she'd bark a different, plaintiffe whiny kind of yelping, complaining bark.  I'd go in there to see what was going on and see her sitting patiently in front of the fridge.  I'd ask her what do you want?  She'd look up and point her nose up to the top of the fridge.  I'd have forgotten I placed the treat box up there a couple of weeks ago and tell her there was nothing up there. She would give me that "look," and point her nose to the top of the fridge, throw her head up in the manner that meant what she wanted was up there.  So I'd get the stepstool, and sure enough, there was something I'd forgotten all about that Scarlett wanted and again, I'd laugh at how smart my little girl was... oh how I miss those moments. 
Not a day, not an hour has gone by since her passing that I haven't thought about her...
May we meet again one day my Love….

My beloved Scarlett was diagnosed with kidney disease early last year, in March 2010. She didn't exhibit any signs of illness, it was only due to our incredible Vet saying that at Scarlett's age, I might want to consider having annual blood and urine tests, and I agreed to have the tests done – one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Those tests revealed that Scarlett’s protein to creatnine level was 5.0, which was dangerously high considering that the high end of normal was .5! If we hadn’t had those tests done when we did, I’m sure Scarlett wouldn’t have been with me as long as she was. Scarlett had a history of allergy problems most of her life, which probably contributed to her kidney problems.

Scarlett had been on prescription allergy food the last 8 years or so, plus I had tried cooking homemade diet for her at home, even tried the raw food diet for her – I would do ANYTHING for my baby. So I changed her food from the prescription allergy food to the prescription kidney food. Every 2 months we’d go in and have her blood and urine tested to see if it was working. The levels weren’t getting low enough, so we’d add various supplements and prescription pills. Scarlett was the only dog at our clinic for about a year or so who was on blood pressure meds! She was also the only dog who had her blood pressure taken… I’d lay out her pill tray and she had about 14 difft. pills and supplements I had to try and give her. Those became more and more difficult to give her as the kidney disease progressed the last 6 months and she became a finicky eater and stopped eating her kidney diet dog food, and then stopped eating altogether. It was sooo frustrating to try and find food that she would eat. 
At first I would try to find something she would eat that was good for a dog with kidney problems…. As time went on, I just wanted to find anything she would eat since she started to skip meals, and I needed to get the pills inside her. Even more sad was during the last few weeks, even when she did eat, she’d throw it up anyway….so sad for a Labrador whose favorite past time all throughout her life was to eat just about anything and everything she could find.
The last few months I also started giving her at home intravenous i.v. fluids, at first every 3 nights, then every 2 nights, then every night, then the last week, there were a couple of days I gave her a small treatment twice a day. I bought an i.v. pole and she hated those treatments. When she looked up and saw that pole, she’d try to get up and walk away and I’d have to coax her to stay…
The week before the end, her last set of blood tests showed that her creatnine level had skyrocketed to a critical level of 11, when the high end of normal is 1.8. Even worse, she had developed severe anemia, as her red blood cell count was a deadly 19, when the normal range is 38 - 55!!

Once I made that final appt. with the Vet’s office, I started telling Scarlett I was taking her to the doctor the next day and that the Doctor was going to make her feel better tomorrow and she wouldn't be in pain any more... and I just know she knew…. And I have peace in my heart knowing that my telling her that, it helped bring her relief in knowing she would be free of the pain in her body must have been racked with soon. Because at that moment, as always throughout her life, Mommy was going to make it all better for her baby girl…
The next day, I decided to take Scarlett to the park before going to the Vet, to hang out at the park first, as it was on the way to the doctor’s office and the park was one of her favorite places to go. As I was getting my things together at the house, in walked Scarlett with Piggy Toy in her mouth, tail wagging as if nothing was wrong with her. At first I freaked out, worrying if I was doing the right thing, then I realized that she knew where she was going and she was happy to finally be going to be relieved of her pain and suffering. We were so connected, so in tune, I had been promising her for the last 2 days that I was going to be taking her to be free of her suffering and she knew AT THAT MOMENT - that's where we were finally headed, and she was happy and full of exuberant happiness as she knew exactly where we were going and what was going to happen.... and she was glad and relieved that Mommy was going to help her be released of the pain she couldn't release on her own.
Oddly enough, when we got to the park, Scarlett wasn’t as excited as she usually was. She looked around almost as if to say, what the heck are we doing here? But then when we got to the Vet’s office and got out of the car, she looked at me and looked around for her Piggy Toy (she hadn’t bothered to ask for it when we got to the park). She walked into the Vet’s office that last day with her Piggy Toy in her mouth, wagging her tail, happy as can be, knowing that her Mommy was coming through on her promise to release her of her pain. Dr. Bogart and the entire staff at that office are the most caring and compassionate team I have ever encountered from any veterinarian clinic we have ever gone to.   Scarlett wasn't going to suffer or be in pain any more. Scarlett made everybody in the office smile and laugh that last day, as she often did....
Of course I miss my baby girl more than anything in life, but I also miss everyone at our Vet's office and going for our regular appointments we had at least every 2 months (or more often) to check her blood and urine levels. I miss going out first thing in the morning and having her get our morning paper. I miss the walks we used to go on every single day of her life... twice a day. I miss seeing our great neighbors we met, and grew to know along the different routes we went in the morning and our evening walks every single day! I miss Scarlett bringing me my shoes so I didn't have to get them myself. I miss taking Scarlett with me to the store and out with me when I ran errands on the weekends. I miss our routines. Damn, I just plain miss Scarlett.
She was a very special little girl who brought smiles to many who did - and didn’t know her. I hope she brings a smile or two to you today, and maybe other days as you might come back to visit this site again...
I hope you take a moment to look at all the pages of this memorial... There are many pages to this web site (the links of which are on the left side of this page), what I consider to be my tribute and honor to her oh too short life.... I hope my friends and/or family won't mind that they may find their images and/or those of their beloved pets on these pages, but it's because you touched us and were important parts of our lives that your imprint is on these pages. There is music on each page, which I was able to select from this website's pre-selection of music, so turn your volume on or off at your pleasure. Lastly, there is a Guestbook page you can sign for which you can find the link either at the bottom of each page, or via a link at the left side of any these pages. 
I realize there may be some tears when viewing these pages as we go down Memory Lane,... but I hope there are smiles and laughter too, for she was the light of my life, and I'd like to think when we think of her, her memory also brings joy and not just sadness....

I hope you enjoy this beautiful and touching poem I found which I found online that I found to be so fitting that I wanted to share….
May I Go Now?
By Susan A. Jackson
May I go now?
Do you think the time is right?
May I say goodbye to pain filled days
and endless lonely nights?
I've lived my life and done my best,
an example tried to be.
So can I take that step beyond
and set my spirit free?
I didn't want to go at first,
I fought with all my might.
But something seems to draw me now
to a warm and loving light.
I want to go. I really do,
It's difficult to stay.
But I will try as best I can
to live just one more day.
To give you time to care for me
and share your love and fears.
I know you're sad and afraid,
because I see your tears.
I'll not be far, I promise that,
and hope you'll always know,
that my spirit will be close to you
wherever you may go.
Thank you so for loving me.
You know I love you, too.
That's why it's hard to say goodbye
and end this life with you.
So hold me now just one more time
and let me hear you say,
because you care so much for me,
you'll let me go today.

Scarlett with her favorite, Monster Toy

Scarlett with her most favorite of all her toys... Monster Toy.... she knew each of her toys and treat boxes by their names.  I'd tell her to go get a certain toy by their name and she'd get that exact toy (or treat box). Most of my friends - many who had dogs of their own - would often tell me that Scarlett was the "smartest dog they'd ever known." Made me such a proud Momma

Cushy comfy

When Scarlett was really young, she loved to walk across the backs of the couches, from one couch to the other, as if she was a kitty cat... here she was getting bigger and seems to have either gotten stuck or just settled in.


A very young Scarlett... Talk about biting off more than you can chew!


Scarlett with Red Dog

This is another picture of young Scarlett, she was probably only about 2 or 3 years old... I had gone in the shower, and when I came out, I found Scarlett laying on the floor in this position with this stuffed animal toy (Red Dog) - too cute!


Young Scarlett after a fun day at the dog park... it was a muddy, but oh so fun day


Muddy little girl... she didn't care, and neither did I.  It wasn't anything that a little water couldn't take care of


Scarlett the Therapy Dog

Oh the adventures we've had.... the first time we had the opportunity to go on a trip together across the country to Savannah, we had less than 48 hours notice and I knew I could take Scarlett on board with me as the Therapy Dog that she is ... unfortunately this was the best I could do the first go around with such short notice.  The second trip, I had about 10 days notice and she looked much more professional

She was always my best therapy....

This is the second vest I got and used when we went to Savannah on our 2nd trip a week or so after the first one. I was sewing the patches on this the night before our flight... Much more professional looking, and Scarlett wore it well!


Scarlett never saw a body of water she didn't want to take a dip in.,.,. whenver we went on our walks, she'd go in the water.  This was the water pool at the insurance building we walked the grounds of during our daily walks years ago...


Dog and Butterfly

This Swallowtail butterfly was on our lawn for a while, I thought it was injured, (although it ended up flying away eventually) Scarlett took a chewy from me and went outside to lay on the grass one day, and she laid down an inch away from the butterfly, I was afraid she would hurt it (but not my baby!)  She sniffed at it, then just continued eating her chewy and didn't hurt the butterfly, although the butterfly stayed there the entire time Scarlett was there. She never hurt a butterfly, but I can't say the same about a fly... she loved to hunt flies.  Fly hunting was one of her favorite things to do with Mommy and she caught (ate) many a fly in her time 


Scarlett at the kitchen doggie door

I'd often go looking for Scarlett, if I hadn't seen her for a little bit, just to check and see what she was up to, and every once in a while, I'd find her standing behind the plastic flap of the doggie door just staring inside the kitchen, looking at what I was doing... I'd start laughing and ask her, "Are you spying on your Mommie!?" it was too funny! This isn't one of her spying photos, just her giving me attitude at the doggie door


I went to check on Scarlett to see where she was, and she was just standing in the middle of the kitchen screen door like that with the shoe in her mouth, I started laughing and told her not to move so I could go find my camera and go back and take her photo.  It took about 90 seconds, but I found my camera and went back and she was still frozen there in the exact same position and waited until I took her pictures


A close-up of Scarlett at kitchen door while she patiently waited for me to finish laughing and take the photos....


Scarlett, Bogey and Buster

Scarlett, Bogey and Buster.... they were like brothers and sister, having met when they were about a year old and the fact that their birthdays were only 4 days apart.  Now they're all 3 together again in heaven, with Bogey and Buster having welcomed her.  I'm sure they're all running and playing together again...


Scarlett and Shayna

Scarlett and Shayna, best girlfriend's... Another of Scarlett's friend's who she'll now get to play with again in heaven


Scarlett.... just, Scarlett....



watch the video clip on youtube:



click on this youtube link to view a short video clip of Scarlett doing what she loves to do most, what I called "crawl crawl" 




Scarlett doing what she loves

click on this youtube link to watch a cute short video of Scarlett I posted on youtube being very vocal after she had gotten very sick and not as vocal as she used to be....  

watch the video clip on youtube:



Scarlett crawling at the park

If you listen real close, you should be able to hear the sound of the squirrel that was in the tree above us watching Scarlett and commenting on her movements...

watch the video clip on youtube:



Scarlett loved the water

Here's a short youtube video of Scarlett going in the fountain at the park, where we used to go just about every weekend.  She LOVED going in the fountain there.  Sorry about my voicein the background.... I had recently bought my iphone and didn't realize it recorded my voice, and her going in the water garnered a lot of attention, as it always did, so I explained to the people who walked by that she did this every weekend, but I never had it on video  - and now I am SO thankful that I have it recorded to watch forever whenever I want.

watch the video clip on youtube:




Scarlett and Lilly, 2/3 of Charlie's Angels... watch them in action on youtube



Scarlett, July 26, 2010

This photo was taken by a friend from work with a professional camera just 3 days before the end....


Scarlett, July 28, 2010

The night before...... my little angel


Sleeping angel..  ... in training


Scarlett always brought me my shoes, one at a time, before we went on our walks, one of her favorite things to do.... or sometimes she just picked one up and walked through the house with a shoe, hoping I'd chase her and try to get it back from her.  She loved to be chased


Scarlett with both Mommie's shoes

In this picture, Scarlett ended up bringing one, then the other shoe to where she was laying down... they didn't start out both in that location like that. She was talented like that


Scarlett on our walk

Scarlett brought smiles to so many people's faces who saw her walking down the street as she so often took Monster Toy for a walk, on the walks we took every single day of her life until 3 days before the last breath she took....


Scarlett walking Monster Toy

Another view of Scarlett walking Monster Toy down through the neighborhood


May 13, 2010

I love this next series of photos I took with my iphone during our walk... she was finally starting to feel better after her near fatal illness May 3


Peek-a-boo..... I see you.....and I will always love you


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