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Memorial created 08-20-2010 by
Diane Chacon
April 15 1997 - August 6 2010

last picture before he got his angels wings

In loving memory of our Flapper who we love so much. Flapper will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Flapper and his half sister Machita came to me in July 1997 at three months old they were hand full,  Flapper was my baby boy, he was always crying out loud being a mama's boy all the time. He loved to gopher and lizard hunt all day long, he would leave deep holes and trenches all through the yard, he also loved to bark at the black birds in the trees and if he could have climbed the tree to get them he would have,,He loved to play with his sister and clean her ears which she loved, his name should have been shadow cause he would follow me all the time, and if i stopped he would bump into me, he loved to sleep with me and would snore so loudly, i would have to wake him up so I could go to sleep. In July 2009 he was dignosed with testical cancer, they gave him two months and he lasted one year, my brave boy, I could tell towards the last month of his life, he was getting sicker, wanting to sleep all the time and always be with me by my side. The night before he died he was fine when i went to work and when I came home he was dying, it was horrible to see, several times during the long night i thought he died, I laid side by side with him, waited til morning called the vet, took him in with great speed, I didnt want him to die in horrible pain, he was moaning through out the night, I arrived at the vet at 9:10am and my beautiful baby boy had to be carried inside he had no more strenght left, the decision was made and at around 9:45am I held him kissed him and felt his last breath on my cheek as he earned his beautiful wings of peace, my sobs were so deep and intense, then I took my baby boy home in the back seat, called my brother who helped me with the funeral detail in the back acre, where Flap used to chase cats, birds and lizards, his resting place is beautiful and peaceful, my brother laided him in the grave I stroked his head, fixed his ears and covered him with his favorite blanket, now his sister and I have a big void in our lives and my tears flow everyday, I will meet him at the rainbow bridge one day to be together forever. Mama loves you so much baby boy sleep in peace, I carry your spirt in my heart always.


Flapper and Machita five years old

waiting for a treat

I took this picture in my kitchen holding a treat and saying ooooh look what i have, so i could get both of them looking up at the same time, Flapper is on the left and his sister is on the right, they were five years old, they both loved their treats of dog biscuits


so comfortable in mommies bed

In mommies bed

Flapper loved to sleep at the left side foot of my bed, and loved to be covered, i loved to place my feet up against his back to keep my feet warm, chita slept up toward the head part of the bed and would squish up against me it felt so good to have both of my babies sleeping and snoring in bed next to me


both babies in my bed

here are both of my babies in my bed, they loved to sleep in my bed, it took them a while to get used to the waterbed, it was a funny site to see them try to keep their balance the first time they jumped into the bed




My baby boy look how beautiful he was when he was full of life at the age of five. Look at his ears, my brother named him flapper cause his ears were huge when he was a puppy, my dad used to say this isnt a dog, look at his ears!


cleaning sisters ears

Flapper at any chance he got he would clean his sisters ears, and sometimes she didnt want her ears cleaned, so she would give a low growl, and i would warn him be careful you know how sister is, shes gonna bite you and he would ignore me and continue with the cleaning then you would hear the growling again i would warn him one more time and then you would hear three snapping sounds and him flying off the bed, and me laughing and saying, I told you didnt i she was going to bite you, flapper was always faster than his sister in flying off the bed so he never got bit



At Peace

At Rainbow bridge

Flapper is now at the rainbow bridge with his angels wings, waiting for sister machita and mommie to meet him one day, flapper thanks everyone for helping his mommie through the most difficult time of her life, he knows sister is lost without him and mommie crys all the time, but he has been restored to his healthy young self and free from pain and age. Many kisses await mommie and sister at the rainbow bridge.

Mommie you gave me peace, you gave me death with dignity, you held me in your arms which i know was very hard for you to do, you felt my last breath on you cheek and sobbed when i left you, but i am whole again, let me rest and let your heart heal from my loss, i have left my pawprints embedded in your heart you will take me with you in your heart where ever you go, i will be with you.

Thank you mommie for being my mommie for 13 years 3 months and six days.  Love you xxxooo Flapper


Machita Flappers half sister

Missing you brother

Flapper, I miss you cleaning my ears, and sleeping next to me in the bed at night and miss you keeping me from being scared by thunder storms, now I am all alone in the house without you when mommie goes to work. You were here and then you were gone, big brother I miss you so much.



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