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Memorial created 08-31-2010 by
Mathieu Keating
March 6 2006 - August 29 2010

Our Little Girl

In loving memory of our Abbey who we love so much and was taken from us much to soon.  Abbey was the greatest, most loyal and caring dog anyone could ever ask for.   She gave us more unconditional love than anyone could ever ask for.  She provided joy in our lives and the lives of many.  She was always happy and full of life.  She was full of energy and always rambunctious.  Abbey you made your parents the happiest people in the world, we truly hope you are in a better place now where you can roam and chase squirrels until your little heart is content.  You will be greatly missed; you were a best friend to us both and will always be in our hearts.  With all the love in the world from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for everything.

Mom and Dad


Abbey and her Sister

This is Abbey and her Kitty.  We bought her a cat so she wouldn't be lonely during the days or when we couldn't be there with her.  They were best friends.   Abbey truly loved life, she wasn't scared of a thing, and loved everyone and everything.  She loved being with her mom and dad at all times, especially in the car or the truck.  She loved the sunshine and loved laying on the porch when the sun was beaming down.  One of her favorite treats were plain timbits (if you are not from Canada, they are the little donut balls from the coffee shop).  She loved chasing squirrels and cats, and playing with other dogs.  She loved raking leaves with her mom, and chopping wood with her dad.  She simply loved being out in nature.  She also had a unfortunate curiosity for skunks, having been sprayed twice.  She was impossible not to love.


A true acknowledgment to the kind of dog Abbey was, we have received a tremendous amounts of condolences from friends and family who have been deeply saddened by her passing.  Please take a moment to sign her guestbook.  We all love you Abbey!






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