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Memorial created 09-16-2010 by
Joni Hall
March 23 1983 - August 18 2010

Smoke in Florida

Registered name: Smokey Countess. She was that once in a lifetime best friend, she was always there for me...we loved and trusted one another completely.  She was my first and really only horse. Intelligent, kind, graceful, athletic, and so beautiful. The best times of my life were spent with her. Smoke and I were together 24 years. Not near as long as I anticipated. I took such good care of her, I thought we'd have 10 or 15 years more at least. We rode 6 days a week. For 12 of those wonderful years, Chelsea (the Sheltie) tagged along with us for trail rides. Smoke was a talker. Sometimes she would scold me when I was late to feed, other times when she just wanted to say hi. I used to ask her questions like:"Do you love your momma?" Then she'd nod and I'd give her a bite of carrot. I didn't get to show her as much as I would have liked, but she won every halter class she was in and placed in Western Pleasure. We had so much fun. She was  green broke when I got her and I finished her myself. Since she was my first horse, I didn't really know what I was doing, so we did a lot of work at a trot the first 2 years! We taught one another and built a solid relationship. She moved to Florida, Chicago, and even Colorado with me. When we were in Florida, she would run to me and come to a sliding stop in front of me. That was so great. I miss the smell of Skin-so-soft on her. I miss her every day and will do so until she comes to get me. On that fine day we'll be together again, riding in the brillant sunshine on a beautiful Fall day...She and I and Chelsea...we'll ride up to see all of our loved ones that have gone on before, to God the Father. I will thank him once again for the blessings (of knowing Smoke and Chelsea) He gave me. I love and miss you so much my beautiful, beautiful girl...momma


The three of us in Colorado

Trail riding in Colorado with Smoke and Chelsea. That's "as good as it gets" friends. This is my family. I can't imagine life without them and am not sure what to do next. I just want to be with my girls. Is it obvious I don't have children?


To my beautiful Chelsea. She was kind, loving, my best friend, companion and trailboss. Instinctive, she always knew what to do. I swear, she had a smile just for me. Everyone who knew her loved her. Neither her nor Smoke can be replaced. A stray, I had her for 12 years. She left June 2008 in my arms. We stayed up all night long the two nights before just looking into one another's eyes.  She thought if she went to sleep, she wouldn't wake up. Saturday morning she had to leave, but I thank God that she left in my arms.  We loved one another so....Momma's "lovie girl"...I miss you every day. Keep Smoke company until I get there.

It's almost three years now and I still cry. You and Smoke are on the refrigerator door. I smile and sigh every morning wishing we were still together again. I miss the life we shared. We were lucky and so happy. Where did it all go....


Smoke and Jane the way they always were...together

Jane misses you too.... She looks for you every day...I do too. She tried so hard to protect you and doesn't understand why you are under all that dirt. I think she blames me for leaving you there. I guess horses don't understand death.  I try to keep her company and she is doing better I think. We both just miss you so...Home after all those years of boarding. I bought this place to see her in "my own back yard". Now it's just Jane out there. Poor girl. She looks so sad without Smoke now. Sometimes I would just sit on my back porch, have my coffee or enjoy a beautiful sunset, and feel peaceful just looking at her....When I think of all the times I would just "check" out the windows just to see her. Several times a day. Just to see her made me so happy. All was right with the world.


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