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Memorial created 09-22-2010 by
Lisa Carroll
April 1 2009 - September 20 2010

In loving memory of our Baxter who we love so much. Baxter will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

I got Baxter when he was about a year old. When I was looking at the cats in the pet store, he reached through the cage to get my attention. When I tried to leave, he kept meowing at me. It felt like he picked me out.

When I got Baxter home, he got comfortable right away. He was playful and sweet, following me everywhere I went. He slept on the bed with me every night, sometimes crawling under the covers when it was cold. I remember how much I hated leaving him to go to work that first day but as soon as I opened the door when I came home, he came running to me. He always came running to the door whenever I came home.

About a week and a half before he passed, my boyfriend took him to the vet because he hadn't been eating much and he seemed lethargic. He'd always had a big appetite and loved to play. I expected he might have a little infection as he'd had once in the past. I knew the news wasn't good when my boyfriend was being very vague about what was going on. When I got there he told me he had a fatal infection. I was stunned. The vet expained to me that he had feline infectious peritonitis. There is no cure for it. When I asked how long he had, she said it was hard to tell but that I should take him home and spoil him rotten. I knew that meant probably not long.

He seemed happy to be home once we got him there. He still wasn't eating much and seemed kind of tired. I decided to work from home the day after his diagnosis. I took him out on the balcony of our apartment and the fresh air seemed to reinvigorate him. We sat out in the sun and the fresh fall air. When we came back in, a fly slipped into the bedroom. He chased it as if he'd never lost his bug tracking skills. He even managed to trap it and eat it (yum!).

Throughout the week, I kept praying that he would somehow rebound from the infection or we'd somehow experience a miracle. A week before he died, he was great. He ate more than usual and seemed somewhat playful. But from there he went downhill. He didn't eat anything after Tuesday or Wednesday. By Friday night I knew that if he didn't eat and continued to get weaker that we'd probably have to put him to sleep.

Sunday was hard. He hadn't gotten any better so we made the decision to call the vet the next morning. I cried off and on all day, knowing it was the last full day I would spend with him. That night he crawled into bed with me and curled up near my shoulder, as if he knew this might be the last time he'd sleep in that bed. 

We called the vet on Monday and decided to take him in in the middle of the day. The ride to the vet was dreadful and he looked scared in the cage. When we got to the vet, they took us into a back room and explained what would happed. I remember those last few minutes with him. He wanted to get up from my lap but I didn't want to let him go. He burried his face in the corner of my elbow. He struggled with he saw the vet tech come in to take him away for the catheter. The couple of minutes that he was away from me felt like eternity.

When the time came, we placed him on a blanked on the table. He lifted his head when he first the first couple of solutions placed into his veins. He very quickly fell asleep and then the vet put the last solutions into his little body. He didn't so much as twitch so I knew he must have gone peacefully. The vet listened to his last few heartbeats and then slipped away, leaving my boyfriend and I to grieve the loss of our baby.

Baxter was the best cat I could have asked for. He was sweet, playful and affectionate. He brought joy to my life every single day and I couldn't wait to come home and see him. I know that we did the right thing for him but our home is a little quieter and sadder without him. He will forever be in my heart. I miss you Baxter.


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