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Memorial created 10-23-2006 by
Michelle Lowe
Little Man
April 10 1999 - October 22 2006

In loving memory of our Little Man who we love so much. Little Man will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.



So sweet, my heart hurts.


Denver, best memories. Little Man loved it there.


Best buds


All together... The Boys. (Little Man's on the right)


Christmas Picture couple years back, the picture was great. But it was tough keeping Little Man and Wolfie next to each other on that bench. But you wouldn't know it looking at the picture. They really did love each other though. I miss Little Man so much.


Denver Sun!


So many people loved you. Here are just some of them. (I will add the rest of you day by day) This is Aunt Susan!


Uncle Jim


Your Grandma who loves you so much, and misses you so terribly. Little Man was with her the last two years and treated Little like a king, which he is. We love you and miss you.


Uncle Jimmy


Your Mommy who misses you everyday. I hope to see you someday, if I am lucky.


Your Daddy whose heart is hurting too. You were so special and unique. We really connected, didn't we?


Sun Dial Park Denver


He loved to give kisses to Daddy.


Halloween 2001 Denver


Thanks to a great Vet. We are holding Little Man's brother (Wolfie). But Dr. Fitgerald saved both of their lives. Thanks to 7 more years with Little Man. We miss the compassionate care we received from your hospital Alameda East. Who knows, maybe if we would have been there, Little Man might still be with us.


David and Little Man. Little Man loved it when Uncle David gave him cheese. Uncle David misses you too.


Best Buddies. Ashley and Little Man. She really misses you, and is still looking for you. Grandma Heaton is holding these two. She misses Little Man, he was living with her the last two years, and really lived large. Ashley still does.


Playing Scabble with us. Little Man was so smart.


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