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November 10 1923 - March 8 1935


 There once was a man and his dog, or so an old story goes

who went to the rail station together everyday come rain or snow.

His faithful dog would walk along by his guardian's side,

then sit at the station and wait until he returned that night.

When the man died, the dog would continue to still go

to wait for his guardian at the station,

but his guardian never would show.

Days turned to weeks and months turned to years.

Rail cars came and went but his guardian never appeared.

The day eventually came when the dog finally died

at the station where his guardian never arrived.

Hachiko spent his whole life waiting for the return
of someone he loved.

You'll never find a more devoted companion than that of a dog.





 A statue stands where Hachiko would wait at the rail station.

A fitting tribute to his loyalty and undying devotion. 




Hachiko was stuffed and mounted at a Japanese museum.

Today both tourists and locals visit to pay tribute to him.





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I was browsing the Critters Pet  Memorials
when I came upon a name that I once knew.
If you happen to be reading this Kamar,
I was very saddened to hear
about Caesar's unfortunate departure from you.
Please accept my heartfelt condolences.
I know how very much
he always meant to you.


 Best Wishes Always,

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Picky & His Momma

 Picky & His Momma  

His Momma always thought that she'd go first.

 Her health it appears had been terminally cursed.

 Her dog was a great source of comfort for her.

 Picky was her baby all would concur.
Picky was her constant loving companion,
never leaving Momma's side when she was bed ridden.
Momma always thought Picky would be there by her bedside
up to that final day when Picky's last kiss would kiss his Momma good bye,
but Picky got ill. Soon after, Picky died.
Understandably Picky's Momma was heartbroken.
Picky's Momma's last day would not be shared with him,
but had Picky seen his Momma be the first to depart,
most certainly soon after Picky would have died of a broken heart.
Picky devoted his entire life to you
not just out of love but emotional dependence too.
Picky's life would be sorrow without his Momma.
Picky never would have survived such an emotional trauma.
Sweet Nancy (Picky's Momma) you probably don't even realize it
but you gave your sweet, loving Picky a wonderful departing gift
and in return Picky will greet you when the time comes
at that place where we all will eventually and eternally be among
all of our departed fur babies and all of our departed loved ones.


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 In Special Honor Of

Picky & His Momma

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 Molly was raised with a very loving family,

so it doesn't surprise me that sweet, precious Molly

would turn out to be

the devoted, playful furbaby

that will forever be she.

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Molly & Family & Friends



BILLYtheKidster's HONERED Critters

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BILLYtheKidster's HONORED Critters




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