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Memorial created 12-15-2010 by
Sandy Stewart
March 0 1995 - December 15 2010

In loving memory of our Aussi who we love so much. Aussi will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

The time has come that my mommy said would come. She called me an energizer because I just kept going and going. My body was tired but my mind was so sharp. She was hoping that I would pass in my sleep and I didn't. The past coulpe of weeks have been hard for us. My family was having to pick my back end up and help me stand up because I was so weak, and it just got to the point that I could not stand at all. I could not get to my water bowl or go outside to the bathroom. I was so embarrassed and humiliated but my mom and dad helped me everyday. I took medicine for my old legs but it did not help much. My mommy would get a bucket of soap and water and wash me and clean me up then blow dry me. I liked that because the hair dryer was warm and she would sit on the floor with me. My daddy would give me good yummy's to eat and I would always stare at my daddy. I love them both so much for helping me age gracefully.

I would have been 16 years old in March of 2011, but I could not stay. You see I have a wife on here. Her name is Princess and she looks like me. She passed away three years ago and I missed her so. She had a really big tumor on her kidney and she had to say goodbye. I heard her calling me on December 15, 2010 and I let my mommy and daddy know that it was time for me to go to that place they call the rainbow bridge.

Mommy put my face in her hands and told me that I would be going to stay with Jesus and my Princess until she got there. She said the Jesus would take care of me until she arrives and then we would have a big house and yard and Jesus would give us back to her. I can't wait till we are together again, she said that we would have our whole family again, a really big pack with cats and dogs, it is going to be so nice.

I was a very good boy. I came from a pet shop and my mom does not believe in buying animals there at all. She saw me and I was already 4 months old and I was so big in that little cage. You know I am a herding dog and to be trapped in there was horriable. I was so sad, I had been there for so long and I wanted a home. My mommy left and did not buy me and I thought "WAIT THAT IS MY MOMMY LEAVING AND SHE DID NOT TAKE ME WITH HER, I KNOW THAT IS MY MOMMY". Do you know she came back the next day and paid a lot of money for me and took me home. I am so glad because people kept taking me in and out of this cage and I also had to fly from Oklahama to Atlanta in a cage on a plane. That scared me too. I was so happy to have a home to call my own and my own mommy that was all mine.

I'm telling you I was a tough man, My mommy was always on her tip toes with me. Everytime I saw someone running I would chase them and nip, I got into so much trouble but after all I am a herding dog, I mean did mommy not know that, so she decided to buy Princess for me and she became my wife. Oh how we loved each other. We would herd anything in sight and we thought it was so funny to knock mommy over on the ground. My wife well she would wash my face and we would eat together and go for walks together and car rides. We even would go in the same doggie house together even though we had our own but mommy let us in the house all the time, especially when it rained and stromed. Princess was the best wife a doggie could have, She lived to be 11 1/2 years old. We had a great life together. I thought she was the prettiest thing that walked this earth. Now she is the prettiest thing in heaven.

I want to tell all my people that I love them so much that you all have been my life, you see this is not good bye, it is meet you on the other side. Until we see each other again, Mommy and Daddy, Jesus has me and I have arrived OK, Princess looks great and We all love you. THANK YOU FOR SHARING MY LIFE AND FOR TAKING CARE OF ME TILL THE END.



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