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Devin Haggerty

Memorial created 12-31-2010 by
Devin Haggerty
April 11 1998 - December 22 2010

Me (3 or 4) and Angel (about one year)


In loving memory of our Angel who we love so much. Also known as Moose (thanks to her boxer, rottweiler and rhodesian ridgeback genes), Boo, Baby Girl and many others! The best dog a three year old could have! The best guard dog who never left my side. Angel loved to go swimming in the Mississippi and would go duck hunting on it as well. She was a big dog and had an even bigger heart. Angel loved people and squirrels ! Her best friend was our even older Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Dark Star. He passed a few years ago and they will both stay in our hearts forever!

As Angel got older her health started to deteriorate. Her fur got a greyish tint, her teeth started falling out and she developed several fatty tumors, sometimes growing to the size of tennis balls. The one thing we never expected to happen to her was that she would have a stroke. But she was old and at least she passed peacefully.


She lived a long and happy life and was able to do her favorite thing just before she passed. The day before, she was outside enjoying the Wisconsin winter, rolling around in snow, catching snowballs and eating them. Angel will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. I love you Baby Girl and will always miss you!! 


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