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Memorial created 01-8-2011 by
Pam Bavington
March 11 1996 - January 7 2011




Love Sara, Matthew, Pam and Graham


In loving memory of our Cosmo who we love so much. Cosmo will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever as a very special pet.


Cosmo was a Toronto cat. Born and bread in the big city he moved to Hamilton Ontario when he was just 2 years old. He spent his early days in Hammer Town living in a pet food store which is where Pam first met him. it was love at first sight and one night Pam asked me to go with her to the store to look through the window to try and see him. We did. He came right up to the glass door and we told him we would be back to bring him home. The pet store owner warned us that he was a tempermental animal and would bite and scratch. Of course we knew the owner was making that all up just to try and hang onto Cosmo (Shadow was the name the store owner used) for as long as possible. So we accepted all warnings and away we went back to our little 3 bedroom aparment above a clothing store in the Westdale Village area. After 3 or 4 yeaqrs there Cosmo had had enough of the snow and hot, humid summers and so we agrred to move when he suggested we head West. For the next 18 months or so Cosmo could be seen riding his motorcycle around town in his leather jacket, black helmet and smoked out designer sun glasses. Cosmo decided to spend the middle and late part of his life with us in Victoria and over the years really developed a deep bond with Pam. Until one night when i came home from the hospital following surgery after having a chainsaw accident. Cosmo knew I needed his magical healing powers and so all night and right through the morning Cosmo lay with me to make sure i was going to be alright. Cosmo did those sorts of things. He was an empathetic and loving cat. A real hero / villain as well. Cosmo made friends wherever he went and over the years as we lived at 5 or 6 different addresses he always adapted to his new surroundings and either dealt with the new neighbourhood cats or didn't. He sort of left it up to all the cats he met. if they wanted to be cool and get along, Cosmo would oblige. But if they had attitude and showed strength he'd let them flex their muscles all they wanted, until maybe they made a move on him. When that happened Cosmo would take them to town and beat them down. He was a lover, a fighter, a cool cat and one who would follow us on walks. He'd go for blocks just keeping up to us to be a part of what we were up to. Very curious. We'll miss you Cosmo but Pam and Graham, Sara and Matt will always be looking for you when we go on our walks forever on, because we know you'll be there watching over us and keeping us safe!



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