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Memorial created 01-10-2011 by
Ron Kobelka
March 15 1976 - January 9 1993

In loving memory of our Pokey who we love so much. Pokey will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. 

  In 1976 when my wife and I got together, I was working nights, so I got her a dog to keep her company. We went to the local animal shelter and found a Beagle puppy that didn't seem to be interested in us much. There was something about that puppy that told us she was the one we wanted. So we took her home. We named her Pokey because the only thing that could make her move fast was a bowl of food.

   Pokey was our dog when our first and second daughters came into the world. We went through a period of financial difficulty and had to move a few times and Pokey was along with us all the way. She was a faithful companion. We made a lot of mistakes with Pokey, not realizing the special needs that Beagles seem to have. But she forgave us our shortcomings and loved us anyway, as only a dog knows how to do.

   In the time that we had Pokey, I probably heard her bark about a half dozen times and maybe howl twice. She just wasn't a barking dog, unusual to that particular breed.

   Pokey lived to be nearly seventeen years old. But in the end, she had many complications because of her age, and she was in pain from arthritis. Though we didn't want to lose her, we reluctantly made the heartbreaking decision to have Pokey put out of her misery.

   Pokey has been gone for many years now. But I still think about her and I can still get misty when I do. On behalf of myself and my family, Roxanne, Melissa, and Melanie, I thank God for bringing Pokey into our lives. She was one special and fantastic dog.

   We love you Pokey!


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