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Lisa McGrail
March 17 1996 - January 19 2011

In loving memory of our Shannon who we love so very much...Shannon came into our lives 15 years ago as a puppy....she showed us what unconditional love was, she was our protector and the love of our lives....she was a mentor to the future puppies that joined our family...Everyone loved Shannie, after all what was not to love.

when Shannon was around 3 she blew out her knee which required major surgery, and healed like a trooper, but as the years passed by arthritis set in, making it difficult to run and play with her sisters, so we did special things with her. We would take her to carvel once a week during the summer and she would have her cup of vanilla ice cream that she so loved


 Shannon's Story:

Shannon is our St Paddy's Day baby, she blessed our family 15 yo, as a beautiful little puppy, doing all the cute things puppies do. We knew from the beginning that she was a smart girl, because potty training her was so easy.

 One of her favorite things to do was our early morning was always just me Shannie and the paper delivery man in his car out on the streets at 4:30 in the husband taught her to respond to the word IRISH...when ever we were out walking and I felt uneasy I would just say the word and she would walk close at my side with her ears up as high as they would go...

I remember 1 morning I slipped on some sand on the ground and fell hard on my knee, the leash went flying out of my hand...Shannon didn't realize what happened as she was on  one of those 20 foot retractable leashes, when I called for her she came running back to me in full force with her ears flapping in the wind, she licked my bloody knee to help comfort me.

When we walked at night we were like the pied piper because all the neighborhood kids would come running over to us just to pet her,she loved every minute of it.




 When Shannon was about 3 yo, she slipped on the wet kitchen floor , I didn't think anything was wrong, because she never cried out in pain, about a year later during 1 of our walks I heard her knee clicking....the vet confirmed that she tore her ACL, which required major surgery...which she came through like a trooper...of course I spent many a nights sleeping with her on the floor to prevent her from jumping on the bed.

Around the same time we rescued a puppy named Tai-Chi, who Shannon took under her wing...they became best friends immediately and were inseparable.

Years later Tai-Chi became ill without a cure to be found, so we had to assist her to the Bridge(that was our first heartbreak)

Shannon was never alone as we added 2 more girls to our family, she helped them turn into the loving dogs they are now and for that we will always be thankful.


 As the years rolled by, her arthritis became worse, although she had more good days than bad...but all the snow we have been having, took a toll on her...she appeared to be more uncomfortable and wasn't able to move around so stoic as she was she never whimpered out in pain....The night before the dreaded day she was more uncomfortable than usual and in our hearts we knew the time was here to set her free....on the "DAY" she seemed so sad and confused... my husband bought her a pepperoni pizza which was her favorite food and we took her for a nice ride...we stayed with her to the very end, thanking her for all the wonderful years of love she gave, when the vet said she was now at peace, our hearts broke into a zillion pieces but at the same time we were happy that she now running painfree with her BFF Tai-Chi

Shannon Baby, you were the best doggie anyone who could ever ask for...I miss you more than you will ever know, and I love you forever and a over Allie and Kelee, and help Allie find her way in the pack order cuz she really is having a hard time


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