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Maryann Piazza

Memorial created 02-25-2011 by
Maryann Piazza
March 5 2003 - February 26 2011

Sadie's Birthday 2010

In loving memory of our kooky, sweet girl who added so much love to our lives.  She loved to eat the snow, and for some reason loved when we said, "hurray," and clapped our hands.  She would come running.  She stole towels, clothes, and fortune cookies.  She loved her sister, Carly, and especially her daddy.  She would give lots of kisses when daddy got home.  We rescued you, and you added more than we ever could have imagined, even though you sometimes drove us crazy with your antics.  You were a loving, sweet baby.  We love you very much & will miss you terribly.  In hopes that we meet again...mommy & daddy



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