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Memorial created 11-13-2006 by
Ed Reggi
March 17 1994 - November 12 2006

Seurat had the luck of the Irish being born so close to St. Patrick's Day and let me tell you, from that day on, she spread her good luck to everyone she met. Born in Newburg Missouri, she was given to me as a graduation gift only a month shy of the day my BFA was awarded to me at Fontbonne College. Keeping her in my dorm room was not so pretty but we managed to start our lives with lots of humor. At the time, perplexed and confused what to name this outspoken, spunky little spotted pup (she had a very distinct series of three dots on her head) my Art History Teacher took one look at her and bestowed the name, "Seurat" named after the great French Painter who created the movement with many dots on canvas. Seurat (pronounced SIR-ROTT) had one of the most difficult starts into the world. She was born slighly neurotic and most of all loving! She was the perfect artist in so many ways. She had her good days and bad. When she was happy the whole world was happy with her - when she was sad or mad - the whole world was in trouble. Her happy tail syndrome caused her to damage her tail at an early age. Her sister "Siren" had died at an early point while getting spayed so everyone worried too about Seurat - she liked that. She endured so much trauma and pain at such an early part of her life you would of thought she might have turned out mean. Seurat was my first real dog as an adult, so that meant I screwed her up so much that in spite of all that she turned out to be a wonderful girl who had so much to offer. Seurat quickly became the spokesdog for everything I did. I took her all over town. She never turned down an audience! She was the perfect performer like myself and it was because of her that I met her grandma Marilyn that I begin to know the truth about Seurat's inside soul. Actually I owe thanks for all of my deepest friendships and relationships to Seurat. It was Seurat that helped me make my relationship with Marilyn, who turned out to be my mom in so many ways! Seurat helped me meet Willy, Kim, Ted, Kira, Shyla, Elvis, Wandy, and so many others. It was like Seurat knew who were 'keepers' and who were just strangers passing in the night. Seurat was always there to give me advice even when I would let her down. I changed my career path because of this lovely Dal. I just didn't want to be apart from her, she lifted everyone's soul. She never stopped being my partner - Seurat always kept moving my life ahead. She also was my guardian angel at points in my life where I had no one else to turn to when I needed to cry, laugh or rest. She loved my partner Scott the first day they met, she told me so in my ear. She had a way about her to let me know these things. During the past 2 years her body grew too old for her soul to remain performing. She never told us or complained about life - she moved always forward - even if it meant falling. She was a trooper until the end. Seurat Camille Reggi was the clown, performer, actor, poet, singer, artist, storyteller, magician, model, mother and most of all soul mate that kept me moving the past 13 years. Tonight, I saw her for the first time in her life relax and rest. She didn't need to be "on the look out" any longer. Tonight she crossed over the rainbow bridge to meet her buddies Elvis, Flyer, Zeb, Tux and Kira. I know her little 'nub' is wagging forever! I will miss you - Love Ed & Scott


Seurat was always the clown! At a very crucial point in my life I took both Seurat and Elvis on a road trip across America. I needed to come to terms about going back home. Physcially, emotionally and spiritually... For over 2 weeks we lived on the road... it was truly amazing - I will never forget the memories and moments I had on that journey of not just finding myself but finding a soul mate named Seurat... She was the brightest star in my sky... I will miss her so much! Seuratie the Bee - safe passage - Eddie


Seurat and Scott were the pair! Seurat met Scott and never looked back. She could of turned her nose up or walked away from getting close to him, but she didn't. Scott was so full of grace and patience during her later years. I only wish Scott would of met the firecracker I once knew in this spotted Dal. He always remained her close buddy and caretaker! I know Scott will miss you keeping his feet warm at night. I am also sure he still thinks you gave his feet some bizarre fungus - but we both know you actually you healed his feet! I know you both are a bit lost tonight without each others arms....


Please visit Seurat's adopted furry spotted brother's memorial website I am sure Elvis and Seurat are happy to be reunited - I have never seen a pair of dogs that really were bonded. We miss you Elivs!


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