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March 2 2005 - March 11 2011

In loving memory of our Ursula who we love so much. Ursula will be greatly missed and will be in our hearts forever.

We lost Ursula to lung cancer at the young age of six years.  She was a sweet and loving girl who adored lots of hugs and enjoyed playing with her stuffed toys.  She was very enthusiastic no matter what she did and always had a way of making people smile.

My heart aches with the loss of her.  She will never be forgotten.



Ursula came to live with me about four months after the loss of my first Rottweiler, Gabby.  She was suprisingly unwanted by her original owner.  She was so beautiful and so loving.  Ursula had an elbow that had been broken for a while and the vet I work for wasn't sure he could repair it.  He was able to and although she continued to walk with a limp she could run and play tirelessly.  I've always believed Ursula was meant to come into my life.  Gabby was also a special needs dog, so a dog with a messed-up leg was perfect for me.    Ursula and Gabby were the two best dogs anyone could ask for and I will always remember them and forever miss them.


Jasper, Ursula's older brother, joined Ursula on January 29, 2014.  He was approximately 13 or 14 years old.  Jasper came to live with us on July 4, 2003.  He showed up as a stray covered with fleas and dirt.  After a hair trim, a good bath, and some flea medicine we found a beautiful spaniel mix under all the filth.  This little spotted dog received many compliments on his beauty. 

Jasper was an affectionate soul who loved everyone he met.  He looked forward to meal times and enjoyed going for car rides (except to the groomer).  His favorite place to sleep was on the back of the chair in front of the living room window.  He was very cat-like in his gracefulness. 

Jasper succumbed to a brain tumor in January.  He is sadly missed by his human and critter family. 


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