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Memorial created 03-13-2011 by
Jennifer Barnett
June 16 1999 - March 12 2011

Our "Sadie Girl"

In loving memory of our Sadie who we love so much. Sadie will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  I got sadie when I was going through a really hard time in my life.  I had just gotten out of the hospital from a very tragic car accident and was looking for a friend to help me heal.  I found Sadie at a breeder and it was love at first sight !!  We quickly bonded and became the best of friends for life.  Over the course of the next 12 years we went through alot of life changes .  I feel in love, got married, had a baby boy, bought our first home, moved and even went through 3 hurricanes together.  Basically Sadie or "Say" as my husband nicknamed her has always been there. She always wanted to be with you, she followed you from room to room, she even had to be with you when you were using the bathroom!!  She laid on the bathroom floor every morning when I showered and got ready for work, she spent the whole day with my husband in his home office as his "office manager" and greeted me everyday when I came home from work, even when she got so sick I knew it was a struggle for her to do so.  When I was pregnant with our son and had to be on strict bed rest, Sadie always stayed with me.  We took her on vacations with us and she even went kayaking with me in the Keys.  She was not only loyal and loving but had such a personality.  Everyone knew Say as she always made her presence known!!  She was crazy and nuts and such a big part of our family!!  Right before Thanksgiving Say started getting really sick.  So when I took her to the vet and he told me she was either in early renal failure or suffering from an acute infection of the kidneys, I tried to remain positive but as a healthcare proffesional I knew her outlook was not good.  We tried many different treatments.  I asked Say to make it through the holidays and she did.  I asked her to make it through New Year's and she did.  I asked her to make the move into our new dream home and she did.  She showed little signs of improvement but within the next few weeks she began declining.  My husband was in denial, our son just didn't want to think about it, but I did.  Finally, I knew I had to take her back in to see the Dr.  Nothing could prepare me for the news he was about to give me.  Sadie was now in complete renal failure.  Her kidney's were shutting down and she was in a lot of pain.  I knew what I had to do as hard as it was going to be.  I had to let her go.  I brought her home for a couple of hours so that we could say our goodbyes.  We held her, took photos and I put her in her favorite place on the patio so she could feel the sun on her face once more.  I told her what a great dog and companion she was, I told her how much she meant to all of us and of course how much we LOVED her!!!!  I looked at her and I knew she didn't want to fight anymore and I wasn't going to ask her to.  She had givin so much to all of us throughout the years.  She gave us joy and laughter and unconditional love.  It was my turn to give her the ultimate act of caring by giving her the dignity that she deserved by ending her suffering.  We were all there through the end.  I craddled her in my arms as my sweet sadie girl very peacefully and beautifully left this world.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful passing.  To say that we are devastated would be an understatement.  We miss her so much and our hearts are empty.  The house is quiet and full of constant reminders of her, but I know she is in a beautiful place, greeted by my pets who have gone before her.  She is  free to chase squirrels, lizards and run through meadows as fast as she can with the sun forever on her face and the wind blowing through her ears.  She is our angel and will forever live in our hearts.  We love you Say -So and we know you loved us too!!! XOXOXO

Say is not amused!!
Kayaking with Mom

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