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Donna Horwood
April 0 2010 - March 21 2011

Our Baby Blue

In loving memory of our BABY BLUE who we love so much. BABY BLUE will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Blue showed up on our doorstep one day last August. He was about 4 months old and just beautiful. He walked into our home as though he owned it and us and he did. We asked around but no one came forward to claim him so we took him to the vets to start his shots and talk about neutering him. It was at this visit we found out he had a very bad heart and feline leukemia. We were just devastated as we had lost two kitties to leukemia in the past. All our cats at home had their shots so we decided to keep him and just love him as long as we had him with us. We did get him neutered but the vet had to put him under with gas because of his heart. He became our baby, he loved to be cuddled and was more a peoples cat than a cats cat. He wanted to be wherever we were and doing whatever we were doing.


Is it dinner yet?

Blue had a habit of sitting on the window sill with his paws on the table as soon as I set the table. There he would sit and watch us eat. Of course he always had toast and eggy with momma every morning but not on the table. He kept who ever was on the computer company and loved to help me fold clothes. He often slept on my nightstand by my pillow at night and a couple of times I caught him sneaking under the covers with us. Blue was a ham and loved getting attention and we have lots of pictures to prove it. He would line up to take his turn playing the laser light game with daddy and the other cats. If you came to visit he would be one of the first to greet you, often putting his face right into yours to check you out.


Blue and Teddy

Blue did well , he weighed 10 1/2 lbs by the time he was 9 1/2 months old and we could easily see he had maine coon cat in him...He was taller than our other full grown male cats. With each passing month our hopes grew that he would be with us for a long time. In Jan. I took in a new kitty to start his shots and get him neutered and took Blue along for a wellness check. The vet said his heart was no better but no worse either. We talked about putting him on heart meds if needed in the future. I was relieved to here he was no worse. That week Blue started vomiting all the time and even though he wanted to eat he couldn't keep it down. Back to the vets we went to find out that his lungs were filling up. At that time we put him on meds for his heart and he got shots of steroids, antibiotics and some others. We didn't know if he would last the night. I stayed up almost all night with him. He wanted to lay in front of the fireplace so I kept it going most of the night.The next morning he was on the cat tree and picked his head up as I approached, as I pet him he purred and rubbed his head against mine. I was overjoyed. Slowly that week he bounced back to his usual self; running and playing with the rest and following us around again. About 3 1/2 weeks later Blue showed signs of having difficulty breathing again so back to the vets we went. The vet felt the leukemia was the problem now with his lungs and gave him the shots again that had helped so much before, we decided as long as he had good quality of life we would continue with the meds and shots. Blue did not bounce back so well this time. After a week it was clear that the end would be soon. He wasn't interested in eating more than a mouthful at a time and wanted to be held all the time.


Daddy and Blue

At the vets that day we all knew that there wasn't anything else the vet could do for him and it was time to say I held him for the last time I tried to tell him how much we loved him and would miss him, but someday we would be together again. We are heartbroken.....This kitty had more personality than many people I have met have...He only asked to be loved and we gave him all we had. When I brought that empty kitty carrier in the house and was putting it away the other cats sat there looking at me and sensed something was wrong...I went and sat in my chair and as I sat there crying they all came over to me...some sitting on the arm of the chair or on my lap, even little Mia who does not like to be held sat leaning against my leg...I don't know if they wanted reassurance or were trying to comfort me but they had never done that before...It did comfort me and I told them everything would be alright.  Every day I expect to see him coming around the corner when I open a kitchen cabinet,see him sitting on the windowsill while I set the table and jumping on the clean clothes as I try to fold them. I miss not being able to reach out and pet him on my nightstand as I lay in bed, and him putting his head on my arm while I am trying to use the computer. Every morning his presence is missed as all the other cats come to say good morning as I am getting up, each looking to be petted and praised. I know he is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge, and I will miss him everyday until that time comes.



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