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Memorial created 04-10-2011 by
Kelly Rezek
November 9 2002 - March 12 2011

My handsome boy!

In loving memory of my sweet, beloved & dearly missed Bear who I love so very much.

My sweet, sweet I miss you so very much each & every day.  My heart breaks at knowing that I can never hug you again or tell you how very much I love you. I cannot stop thinking of you, missing you & crying for your loss. There has not been a day gone by since you were first brought home, that you did not bring me such love, joy & laughter.  I miss that terribly as the house is so very quiet now without you & my heart hurts.  I am at a loss without you my beloved friend & companion as you were never anywhere but always at my side. We went everywhere & did everything were always so happy to be doing anything as long as you were included:)  I, in turn, loved having you with me every minute of the day.  You were my best friend, confidant, supporter, comforter & so, so much more than I can put into words. I am not sure how I will continue on without your presence & love as you left a mighty huge hole in Mommy's heart forever. I see all of your favorite things around the house..your blanky, tennis balls, toys & bones & it all makes me miss you so much more. I miss our quiet times where we would cuddle & I would talk to you & you would talk "woof" back to me. You were always there for me, no matter the situation or circumstance. If I were upset or crying, you would lick away the tears & bring a smile back to my face. When I was ill, you were always there to help me, cheer me up or snuggle up next to me. I just cannot imagine now never being able to hug, hold, kiss, play with, snuggle or talk to you again, until we meet one day in heaven. You left far too soon. Of course, had you lived until the age of 50, that still would not have been long enough. I so miss your my sweet, caring, loving spirit!!!  There will not be a day that passes that I will not remember you with such love & devotion.  I only hope that, in time, I am able to say your name or look upon a photo without crying & feeling such a horrible hole in my heart. I hope one day to remember all our time together with a smile on my face & joy in my heart.  There will never be another you, another BabyBear!!  You have always been & will continue to be "first & always" in my heart.  I will love you for the rest of my days!     


Sweet One

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