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Memorial created 04-17-2011 by
Janet Hagglund
February 2 2001 - April 8 2011



My beautiful boy passed away on Friday, April 8, 2011. He suffered severe arthritis for over a year. He walked on a water treadmill 3 times per week and took several pills a day to help lessen the progression of this disease. He used steps to get in my car and often wore a hip/chest harness to help him walk. He was 10 years /4 months old. Losing Ezekiel has devastated me. He was by my side faithfully since he was 6 weeks old. He became severely ill on Wednesday night. By Thursday afternoon, he was in a state of no return.

I would like to share some things about Ezekiel with you. He graduated from Pet Smart with three degrees. He had a Puppy Training Certificate, a Basic Training Certificate and an Advanced Training Certificate. He started out as a Monger Mustang when he was 6 weeks old. At age 1, he left and became a Woodland Rocket. He loved coming to school. Each day he would come, he would start barking as soon as we got close enough for him to see the school. He especially loved it when we pulled in at the same time as Mrs. Jackson. He was in love with her. He would often greet many of the staff by coming up to see what they were bringing into school in their lunch bag. He knew where his classroom was and rarely strayed from it.

Ezekiel was proud to work at Woodland. Over the years, he never became tired of working with challenging kids. He learned when to approach them and when to retreat if they were angry. He motivated many kids to make better choices and try to learn. He celebrated their successes and helped them dry their tears. He comforted them and gave them unconditional love. He listened quietly as they would read to him and if they just needed a friend to talk to, he shared his couch. He worked with many kids over these last 10 years. He was a real Trooper. He never complained about his job and never asked for a day off. He was always excited to get in the car when I would ask him if he was ready to go to school. He continued loving his job up until the day he quickly passed away. He taught me to appreciate working with these challenging kids and never give up. He inspired me to be the best I could be and use him in whatever way I needed to in order to help these kids. There will never be another "Zeke". He will be forever in my heart and he was a blessing to all of the kids that crossed his path. I Love you my Zekie baby!


Resting after the Fall Harvest party
Posing on the school grass
Happy to always go for a ride
Tired after a long school day
Just let me rest
I'm ready for a treat

Zeke with his sisters; Hanna Jo and Snickers, who passed away in 2004.


Zeke posing with his sisters again

Pet Smart graduate
Who threw the chair?
Who turned the heat down?
I'm ready for Reading time!
I call both chairs!!!
Got anything good to eat in there, mommy?

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