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Amy Gustavson

Memorial created 04-20-2011 by
Amy Gustavson
April 13 1995 - April 18 2011

Today is the anniversary Hobie. I still feel the guilt. You were happy, rolling in the sunshine and dust. But I knew pain was close. The day before was not a good one for you.and I knew the day after would be worse.  But the guilt weighs heavy.

I miss you too much. You and your catitude. you were a character, and a connection.  People who would usually avoid conversations would ask How is Hobie, and have a story to share.

You are still a presence in my life. Whether it be my noticing how long kitty litter lasts, to thinking of your paw tap "excuse me I'm hungry " , head butts to send furniture toppling, to  your inquisitive "now?".  

 Your spirit still smiles on Hobie. Never in my life of cats and dogs and guinea pigs and rabbits and other assorted beasties have I missed one as much as you.  Thank you for what you brought to my life.  Thank you for you.

 With love and tears





It's almost Christmas, Hobie.  we topped a tree in the backyard, and brought that in. It is tall and straight and has long branches. You would love sleeping underneath it, stacking your claim to the Holiday.  I miss seeing you there.  I safely put a few presents under the tree, knowing you  are not here to  head butt them . I miss you.

 Out of habit I still hang the ornaments high.leaving bottom branches bare and Hobie Proof.

 Tonight I am baking cookies. BK is watchful, but he is not trying to help as you used to do, in your own way. 

 I hung the stockings, holding yours in my hands then carefully packing it back into the tote.

 Please know  we have not forgotten you...we miss your  your catitude and presence .

You were a unique sole and spirit.

Merry Christmas Hobie, with Love.

 I am missing you Hobie.  when the silence of night time falls, and the lights grow dim, I think of your smiling whiskered face and your expressions of wants and "Nows".

The holidays are coming, and I started to buy some goodies for you and caught myself.  Your brother Bk just doesn't play as you did. He amuses himself by chasing his tail, and swatting things off of my desk.  He cuddles tightly at night but it just can't replace one of your knowing smiles.

 At times I still say goodnight to you....and wish you my love. 


 It's been four months since you  ended this journey and started the next. I miss you deeply.  You truly were a monster at times but  I think that made me love you all the more.  My heart is so sad  yet I try to remember you are comfortable now and free to scare all the mice and chipmunks, stand off fisher cats and terrorize the neighborhood.

I love you Hobie, and miss you but thank you for being in my life for it is all the more richer because of you.

 Becareful of the invisible monsters

 Night Night., Mommy loves you

In loving memory of our Hobie who we love so much. Hobie will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

He was a "Free Kitten" in a laundry basket outside a local Walmart. From a Farm the lady said.  I held his brother but looked at Hobie, there was something in his eyes that made me pick him up and carry him home. Our life was never the same after that.

He grew to be a large cat. 28 pounds of Monster catitude.  He knew what he wanted, when he wanted it.  Not many days passed with out a "Hobie Stop That!". 

He was inquisitive and smart. A defender and a lover. He would kiss and swat. He learned how to open cabinets, and run the printer on the desk calculator. he wandered to the neighbors and checked out what was in their cabinets, or could be found looking in their windows, just to see what was going on.

The Avon lady was in fear of this gentle giant. She would toss milkbones into the bushes for him.

Visitors loved him for he was interested and attentive. His size made him a novelty. His first vet said that even if Hobie lost weight, he was still a "big" cat.

He loved his brother Hoover Dog, and even brought home a stray cat, BK. Brought him right up to the front door with a ComeON My Mommy Will Feed You attitude.

we often joke about his mouse catching talent. he would sit staring at the mouse hole. We figured more than a few experienced cardiac arrest when they looked up and saw Hobies smile.

 As a kitten he loved water. especially the toilet! He would race us to the bathroom and peer up and over the bowl, to watch the water swirl. Threats of  "I'm gonna --on his head" prompted Santa to bring him a fish tank for Christmas..which he adored. Especially sleeping behind it with his  magnified cat grin.  One fish actually survived for a few years, until Hobie decided to sit on top of the tank.

 He would get attention by head-butting.  Bless the cat sitter who endured Hobies efforts to steer her towards the cat food, as she caught his head butting results of a small table flying over , cabinet door hitting her hand, and the water dish sent sailing across the kitchen.

 Hobie and I had a strong connection.  He could communciate with his eyes what many cannot express in words. He was safety, he was a confident, he was a buddy, he was a monster, he was a friend. 

He had a "catitude" beyond being a cat. 

He has left a large empty spot in our home. My heart is heavy.  But I knew it was time. His illness progressed, and if I could do nothing more than give him a gift of a "happy ending" then I would do that. it was peaceful.  He looked out the vets window at the Spring budding tree,  and grass just teasingly green. He cuddled into my arm and slept.

Right now I find I look for him. I look to check to make sure he was comfy, he was sound.  He seemed so lost the last few days, but would follow me as a guide, a beacon, a home. he would kiss and toe tap and let me know he was there.  The heaviness in my heart is intense, where his pawprint will forever remain.



Hobie  was the best cat to photograph. His innocence or monster moods could really shine!



Hobie returned to us today.  I was missing him and needed to know he was "safe". I called the vet's and Hobie was there for me to pick up.

  I expected to be handed a tin can, as we were with our dog Farley, 12 years ago.  I was graciously handed a white cardboard box.

I found myself holding the box  tightly.... protecting my guy. 

 I waited for my husband to be home so we could open the box together. When we did we both  let the tears  fall. Inside was a packet of forget me not seeds.  And a certificate. And a copy of the rainbow bridge.  And there,, under the protective wrapping, was the most beautiful small cedar box.  A smooth finish, highlighting the grain of the wood.....a simple  pattern in design.but absolutely perfect for our guy.

 The loss still weighs heavy. Tears flow . Yet I appreciate  this memorial, this tribute, this understanding and respect  towards our very special  monster, family member and friend.




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