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Memorial created 05-3-2011 by
lisa hackett
November 16 1998 - May 2 2011

My buddy - Murray

In loving memory of our Murray who we love so much. He was just a little thing when he came to us at Christmastime 1998. Little did we know what a gift he would become. All he ever wanted - was just to be with us - his family. He was quite the puppy - going through 5 pairs of my favorite shoes. But - that was my fault for leaving the closet door open ! At 4 months, he downed a razor blade cartrige requiring surgery. Little did we know there were other unknown items in his tummy which were given to us as a token of his edible escapades . I'll never forget the look on his face when he did something wrong - even before I knew he got in the trash, he was high tailing it to another room or just looking down at the ground - no eye contact of course.  

He got very good at playing hide and seek - always finding me no matter where I tried to hide. And I didn't make it easy for him. He loved going camping with his girls. Never needed to be leashed because there wasn't anywhere else he wanted to go as long as they were with him. When the boys would wrestle when they were younger - you were right there to join in. How you looked forward to your "workouts" with Steve.

He loved going for car rides and yes I did make the frequent drive thru at Diary Queen for some ice cream. He never quite understood why he never got ice cream at the bank drive thru - just a crummy dog biscuit. 

He really did smile when he was happy, he did. He was happy a lot. Smart - wow. We taught him how to use a doggy doorbell so he could let us know when he needed to go outside. I swear he looked at us trying to take in our words as to what to do. He really concentrated and within 5 days - it was done.  

Most of all - he loved us so much. He was the first to greet us and give hugs. My last hug was Monday May 2, 2011. Murray was diagnosed with liver and baldder cancer in February of this year. They told me he had about 2 months. He was doing amazing until Saturday night. By Monday morning, he couldn't even walk. My husband and I decided to let him go - no more suffering. But I didn't want to let him go. I wanted those morning hugs, the trips to DQ, watching him trying to get the horses feed that drops by the fence, chase Shipley around the house and go camping just one more time. But how could I ? I couldn't. He died peacefully in my arms that Monday May 2, 2011 as my husband and I cried as we lost our little friend that supported us through rough times and only hope we did the same for him. I hope he knew what he meant to all of us. Just how much a part of our family he was. And that part is now gone and will never be replaced. We got our Shipley just 8 months ago and though he's still a puppy - he can't figure out where his older buddy has gone but he keeps looking for him. 

Murray - you took our hearts the moment we saw you. You were our sweet sweet buddy and will remain with us until we meet again forever. I just want one more hug.....      




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