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Memorial created 05-13-2011 by
Denise Logan
January 9 1996 - May 12 2011

Mandy in a rare snow for SC

In loving memory of our mandy who we love so much. Mandy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

she was my baby for the past fifteen years.  she was the sweetest dog with a gentle soul. I knew the day would come when I would have to say good bye, but the circumstances of her death make it even more difficult.

now there is no one to share leftovers or someone to greet me with a happy homecoming in only a way a dog can.  her love was pure and true and I'm soo sorry I lost her in such a horrible way.

 she was a stray puppy found by some young kids at the waccamaw pottery car show.   they were carrying her around seeing if anyone wanted her b/c they couldn't find an owner.  she was only about 5 weeks old. at first, i declined as i had new carpet and new house, but after about ten minutes after the kids left with her i asked my friend's kids who with me to go look for them and tell them i wanted to take her home.  from that day on she was my baby.  mandy named after the barry mannilow song.  she endured two boyfriends who were jealous of her until her daddy keith came into our lives.   i knew he was the one b/c her loved and cherished her as much as me.  she brought love into our lives and a lot of laughs.  you could tell lately that she was getting old.  she slept more. could no longer jump up on our bed or into the trucks.  poor thing couldn't hear a thing for the past year or so.  it was so easy to startle her which was funny at the time.  no more tickle toes.  i still wasn't to let her go.


it's been 2 days and i'm still looking for her on her bed which is still where she left it.  her daddy just went to pick up her ashes so she'll be with us always.  she's my angel and always will be!

more about mandy:

she was a people-dog.  she loved meeting new people and especially getting love from them.  the kids in brandymill where she grew up adored her. they would come to my door and ask if they could play with her.  she couldn't have been happier when they stopped by.  when i took her to the bark park she could care less about the other dogs, she'd rather meet their owners or hang by me.

she had her marley moments ( as in the story of marley and me).  she chewed up a wooden lawn ornament.  almost completely destroyed one of the garage door sensers of our brandymill home chewwing on it.  when she wanted in, she was determined.  she chewed up several window screens, almost completely destroyed a window air conditioner and almost managed to put a hole through the back door from the mud room into the house.  we sill have claw marks on some molding to prove that she wasn't a completey outdoor dog.  she liked to lie on the couch, our bed or her favorite spot on dalton's bed.  she was definitely a princess.  i almost forgot the numerous times she set off our burgular alarm.  it got to the point that the cops threatened to start charging us for the "false" alarms.  we finally put in a dog door so she could get into the house from the mud room and a door with a stronger lock.

she loved going for car rides.  she got to go for many rides back and forth to holden beach once her daddy came into our lives.  she was in all her glory.  she knew she might be going for ride every time i loaded the garbage to take to the dump as she usually went went with me.  she would get so excited and jump in the car even if not invited. she was with me the two times i had to deal with a cop.  the fisrt is the accident i had in my mustang on the way to foodlion and secong when a cop pulled me over for crossing the yellow line on the road of the little river swing bridge on our way to meet keith at the boat.  she didn't know what was goingon but happy to see a new face.  i'll miss those little trips.  she didn't go with me this last time to the dump b/c i couldn't lift her into my svu and she didn't have the strength to jump in.  my poor girl.


the first time we took on a boat was fourth of july.  we went on her dad's dad's boat and went to southport to watch the fireworks.  she was scared. she couldn't get her footing and wouldn't stay still.  then we got our own boat and started taking her out more regularly.  once she got her sea legs, you couldn't keep her off the boat.  she would follow keith around as soon as he put his fishing clothes on in hopes that she would get to go.  he took he when he could, but if she didn't get to go she would be pissy for the rest of the day.  she took her last boat ride about a week ago.  you couldn't have seen a more excited dog.  i could hear her barking and knew she was prancing around as keith got the boat ready.  she was tired when she got home, but you knew she was content.  a few days later keith was getting the boat ready to go fishing, but she wasn't her usual self.  she didn't follow him around. instead, she stayed in the bedroom with me lying on the floor beside me.  did she know she couldn't handle the heat that day?  we'll never know.

she was starting to pant really heavy lately even when it wasn't that hot and coughing some.  my internet search suggests she may have begun suffering from congestive heart failure which is common in older dogs.  maybe she knew her time was coming. i even got a weird vibe when i bought a six month supply of heartguard the week before she left us.  i came home saying she had to stay another six months at least. the day of her passing she saw me pack my clothes that morning b/c i was planning to stay with my parent's that night.  she watched keith put the bag in the car. as i was getting in the car to go she gave me the weirdest look.  i had to go back into the house b/c i left my cellphone.  i didn't see her when i started to leave again.  i don't know why she was where she was.  maybe she was where she was b/c she didn't want me to leave without one last goodbye and loving hug.  i got to spend the ride with her to the vet in my backseat with her head in my lap.

 her ashes currenlty reside on our fireplace mantel in a generic urn on which i taped a picture of mandy and me.  ironically it was taken dec 25, 2003 the day before i met her dad for the first time. i did order a special urn to place her ashes in permanently except for maybe a fistfull we plan to spread from our boat into the ocean so she can swim with the fishes and lead them to her daddy's hook.


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