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Memorial created 05-15-2011 by
Laurel Stone
September 25 2001 - May 8 2011


You were my sunshine 
….My cheery sunshine. 
You made me happy …
when skies were grey. 
You never knew girl
how much you meant to me 
And now that sunshine has quickly gone away….


Kobie, you were the peacemaker around the house always trying to make things right and to please.  I called you my guardian angel always looking out for me.  You were the “black dog” that my mother referred to right before she crossed.  Little did I realize how much she liked black dogs and when we travelled east with you, Olivia and Teddy, it was you who brought her the most joy – so much so that during the service for her, the minister mentioned how “Lil” talked about the “black dog” who came to visit. 

 I loved watching you trot across the yard.  You were so light on your feet and so graceful and made it look effortless.  You had the same gait when you were herding sheep and you looked so beautiful… and then…  what..  you were chasing a butterfly… heck with the sheep!  I know that you will continue to bring joy to all those who crossed before and you’ll show them the right way to run across those fields of green and flowers. 



RIP Miss Kobie…. 
Kobie CGC, Therapy Dog, BH, CD, UCD, HIC, RN




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