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Memorial created 05-15-2011 by
Katy & Skip McCauley
Gilligan McCauley
March 1 2006 - May 2 2011

In loving memory of our Gilligan McCauley who we love so much. Gilligan McCauley will be greatly missed and will be in our hearts forever.



Our Sweet Gilligan..

From the day I saw you at the animal shelter (you were only 3 months old) , as you reached out to me to pick you, your beautiful deep blue eyes meeting was meant to be ! As I ran outside to get Daddy to come see you, excited for us and our new found was meant to be ! Oh what a joyous moment, you lifted our hearts, you brought life into our home, you made everything complete...IT WAS MEANT TO BE :) 
We searched for just the perfect name for you...Gilligan...PURR-FECT ! Our little buddy...Indeed you were...sweet, so loving, always with us...EVERYWHERE in the house. Always waiting for us at the door whenever we arrived home, sleeping on the foot of our bed at night, bringing us your favorite mouse (Squeeky or Ginger) in the middle of the night...wanting to play, or hanging out in our bathroom while we got ready in the morning. Gilligan, you were purr-fect !
Suddenly in November of 2009, you became very ill, almost giving up, but we were not going to let that happen...Dr. Sisco treated you, brought you back to being in good health, for which we were so very thankful for! Many medications had to be continued, but that was kept you kept you with Mommy and Daddy :) You gained weight, your coat of fur was ran, chased, jumped AND LOVED once again...our purr-fect Gilligan ! You gave us so much joy, so much love, you gave us EVERYTHING there was to give.
Then in November, 2010 that horrible change took place once again! You went from being 16 pounds to 13 pounds in one month, and even though we sought out EVERY medical solution for treatment there was, it just wasn't enough! You were growing tired of being taken to the doctor for fluid injections three times a week, having numerous pills put down your little throat several times a day...enough was enough, you became too tired and too weak to go on...
On May 2, 2011 Chronic Renal Failure won out...Mommy and Daddy did what we had to do for you...for you to be at peace, to be free from all that was being done to prolong the inevitable...let you be free to go to "The Rainbow Bridge" in Heaven... PLEASE JOIN US THERE SOMEDAY...BE PATIENT THOUGH...WE'LL BE THERE, TOGETHER ONCE AGAIN !
We love you Gilligan, we miss you terribly, our hearts are broken forever...our home is now so empty without you :(   Oh to have one of those many furry rubs you used to give us, just to have you jump up on the table once more, we would give anything for that to be at peace our dear Gilligan..OUR BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, LOVING GILLIGAN...

=^..^=  We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Gilligan's "Special Angels" that loved and cared for him during his good and bad times...Thank you Dr. Jeanette Sisco (Cat Care Clinic of Naples) for your devotion to Gilligan for his five years of life with us, and to her staff...Jennifer, June, Kathy, were all so comforting to Gilligan AND to us. We will always remember are like family to us :)  **June** > you kept Gilly calm, stroked him during treatments as if he was your own for which we will always remember! It meant the world to us...Jennifer, thank you for the beautiful paw print casting you made in memory of Gilligan, it's sits beside his ashes.  =^..^=
 =^..^=  Also "thank you" to Dr. Ashley Ayoob of (ASHFL) and Connie (her assistant) for helping us to comprehend the "stage" Gilligan was in and what to expect along the way ! You were very kind to us and to Gilligan, the entire staff at your Specialty Hospital was, thank you.  =^..^=


        =^..^=   =^..^=  =^..^=  =^..^=



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