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Memorial created 05-17-2011 by
Mari Borys
May 18 1995 - March 3 2010

my love


Where do I start? Lucky entered my heart in the year 1995. He was found my my sister's dog Sammy in the backyard when he was only a week old, so the name Lucky was'nt a hard choice. Only I was the lucky one, he and his brother Fang brought is much love and laughter to mine and so many lives.

             He had my heart from the beginning, he never left my side at home, if I went from one side of the house so did Lucky. If I was in the bathroom, he was scratching at the door to get in. At bed time he had his one pillow and 90% of the bed, as I cluddled with him everynight. Then like clock work when the alarm went off he would tap on my shoulder, or bite my ear until I woke up. If I said 5 more minutes he would, sigh and come back 5 minutes later.

        He would also get on his hind legs and wrap his little paws behind my neck to pull me down to kiss my ear. He could also tell time during day, Mom would say she'd hardley see him all day but at 3:15pm Mon-Fri he'd come out from hiding and sit by front door, knowing I'd be home from work at 3:30. If I worked 2nd shift , I would see his eyes glowing through the front door widow as he saw waiting. When it was my bed time and I was doing something he would find me and tap on my arm at 10:00pm.

         I love and miss him so much everyday, my heart still hurts. I could go on and on , about how amazing my baby is, and i will. :) XOXOXO


Lucky and his Brother Fang. I was blessed to have 2 wonderfull loving family members who made me love and laugh everyday


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