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Memorial created 06-6-2011 by
Diane Koch
December 0 2000 - May 6 2011

Always my Baby!!! Always!!

My Precious Brittnie... It has been four long years without you and oh my how I miss you... I talk about you and Kylie all the time and no matter what it still saddens me so much that you're gone because you were so lively and enegetic even up until the day before you left us... I always tell everyone "Brittnie never got that memo that she was old" Grammy and Papa were at the summer home last weekend and put the bones and angel statues over the final resting places of you, Kylie and Cassie. I know this may seem silly but I swear there are days where I feel you and Kylie and Cassie around me... And well we have a cat now named Abby.. she's a pretty all white cat that Mama adopted... but I believe you girls already know this because I swear when she's running all crazy you girls are chasing her, I know it sounds silly but I swear it to be true. Brittnie you were so cherished here when you were with us and even though you're gone your memory is still cherished so much without a doubt. Baby girl please know that everyone misses you so much. Lots of love my sweet Rottie angel I miss you terribly.


My Brittnie... Yesterday was your one year angelversary... I miss you so much... Words can not describe how much I miss you... There are no more puppies in the house anymore so with you gone it is now silent... Your faithful companion Kylie had her 2 year angelversary on May 3rd... I really miss you both so much. I miss coming home to the two of you, to Kylie's excited happy dance and to you running and bringing me all your toys because since I was home you immediately wanted to play. I wish the two of you didn't have to leave me, I wish you were here by my side still. When Kylie left us for the Rainbow Bridge it was me and you, and you helped the heartache when she left us. But when you left me my sweet sweet Brittnie there was no one there to soften the blow of you leaving me. It hit me full force like a semi truck. There are some days when I come home and open the door I still think you're going to be there but when I open the door and there is no happy Brittnie there to greet me I remember you are gone. Megan cries a lot because she misses her puppies. If I pull up your memorial she cries so I have to make sure she's not around. She likes watching Marley & Me because it reminds of you and Kylie. You left such an impact on her little life. You and Kylie were there to greet her the day she came home from the hospital, and you guarded her up to 5 1/2 years old. The weekend you passed away was a difficult one, it was so hard on me that you left and Megan was at her Dad's and didn't know until 2 days later when she came home that you had left us and wouldn't be coming back. It was on my birthday I had to tell her why you weren't there at the door to greet us when we came home. It was a bitter sweet day for her because the same day she found out that you were gone was also the same day she found out we were leaving for Disney World the next day. Our trip helped her but my sweetest Brittnie... we both miss you so much. You are always in my heart and I know that you, Kylie and Cassie are always around me. I love you all, my Rottie Angels. Someday we will all play together again so until then. I love you baby.


My Dearest Baby Brittnie... you left me a month ago today... and I'm still struggling with you being gone. You left me so suddenly and though I knew there was a possibility you would be going to see Cassie and Kylie eventually I wasn't ready for you to leave. You have been one of the greatest companions through so much... where do I even begin to say how wonderful you were and how much you are missed? Where do I begin to say thank you for 9 years of unconditional love? You came to me in December of 2001, you were a stray found running around in Bridgeport by Comiskey Park (US Cellular Field)... Gina's sister Tammy found you and took you in but she couldn't keep you and since I had just bought a new house and it was just me and my Rottie Cassie she asked me if I would consider taking you and there was no hesitation I did... and I am so glad that I did. I laugh now to think they were calling you Bridgeport and I couldn't have that so to keep your name as close as possible to what you were being called I named you Brittnie... and from that day on you responded to Brittnie as it had been your name all along.


Brittnie and Cassie

When I first brought you home you were in the backyard and I brought Cassie out to meet you... She sniffed you all over and then to my horror she started barking and growling at you to the point she cornered you in the backyard by the fence... but then she just walked away after all that. I think she was setting the ground rules... she was the boss and don't you forget it... from that day on you were best buds. However little did I know that God had a plan when he brought you into my life. You came to me your forever home on 12-8-2001 and on 1-16-2002 Cassie died. You were a special gift from God because he knew that Cassie was going to be leaving me and he gave me you so it wouldn't be so hard.


Smile? I thought you said stick your tongue out!!


   Brittnie you were such a comic, and a chewer... you chewed on everything... I will never forget the day I came home from work and you had literally torn apart a third of my $1800 leather sofa and you were hiding under the dining room table... silly girl the top was glass I was still able to see you. LOL... now thinking back it's funny but that day I wasn't laughing.


   In 2-2003 I got really sick, I remember having to call an ambulance and when I advised them I have a Rottweiler they needed me to get you to another room and honestly for me you were a baby but for others just to hear Rottweiler it scared the snot out of them... I ended up in the hospital for 8 days but that day Grammy came and got you and brought you over to their house because Papa was at the hospital with me. They told me you waited by the door for two days and wouldn't eat or go out but eventually you caved in had to. I came back to their house after getting out of the hospital because I required a lot of care and you my precious baby never left my side. You were either right next to me on the floor by the couch or at night you would curl up on the couch by my feet (even though Grammy said you weren't allowed on the furniture.) One night I was in such incredible pain and couldn't move and couldn't get Grammy to wake up and you went into Grammy and Papa's room and nosed Grammy until she woke up. A few short days later I was back in the hospital again and again you waited for me by the back door waiting for me to come home. This time I was gone for 12 days... but there were you right there waiting for me when I came home. Happy to see me and right there again by me on the couch and curled at my feet at night. We were at Grammy and Papa's for 3 months and when we went home you sniffed our house every inch of it like you had never been there before. You were my guardian and those scary three months you were right there for me by side and protected and helped take care of me.


Oh soooo comfy!!!

Your favorite place to lay in the house was the bed... and you would snuggle up in my bed like it was your own... one day I couldn't resist but to take the most adorable pictures of you. But I will never figure out what it was you had against my Martha Stewart bedding... I came home one day and you had torn my Martha Stewart flannel sheets to shreds. When I replaced them you did it again... after I stopped buying that brand you never did it again. LOL


Guarding the house!!

Another favorite place for you to lay was in the bay window. When I first got you I used to have some decor on that bay window. There was a flower arrangement and some candles and then you came along and one day after work it was all on the floor and there you were perched in the window. And in January of 2004 when I got Kylie you got her up there right with you.


Mud Puppy

When we lived in Burbank you absolutely loved to be in the backyard. You would lay in the sun for hours, play with your toys outside and there were many of times you chill in the garage and just watch what is going on around you. When there was landscaping being done you took total advantage of it and romped around in the dirt... I called you my mud puppy. You tracked perfect little dirty puppy prints in the house and honestly because you had so much fun in the backyard I couldn't get made at you.


Our last moments together :(


It's been really hard writing your memorial... there are so many good times and so many funny times to remember and I still can not believe you are gone... In continuation and there will be many days of me continuing to write your memorial as we have had so many wonderful memories together and we were together so long. And so many people miss you just as much as I do... The house is so empty without you... everyday when I come home from work I still want to wait by the door to let you out... even when Papa comes home from work he misses your bark and for many days after you were gone that moment brought many tears. The whole idea always remained funny to me that we moved back with Grammy & Papa over 4 years ago and you still barked every single time he would come home. You never barked at me nor Grammy... just Papa. When I got home you would run outside and do your business then go upstairs with a burst of energy and pull out a whole bunch of toys to play with. And though the last year or so your eyesight wasn't the greatest because of the diabetes you were always playful as ever. You were even playful the day before you left. You scared us the day before you left though... Grammy and I were putting groceries away and you started swaying while you were walking... you were headed for the stairs and I steered you back toward the kitchen where you collapsed... I had a feeling you blood sugar was really low and that's why this was happening... first we gave you caramel corn cause it was the first thing we saw... then I called the vet and he said to give you honey and you were reluctant at first but then you licked it all up... Papa and I rushed you into the truck and to the vet where by the time we got there you were starting to perk up. And when they ran some tests your blood sugar was up and you were all perky and walking out of the vet after being carried in. But that was the beginning of you leaving me and we just didn't know... that night you snuggled up with me in bed which you hadn't done in a long time, the next morning you weren't yourself but I had to go to work and like normal I gave you your insulin and left... Dawnie down the block was sick that day and didn't go to work and I asked her if she felt up to it to go check on you awhile later I got an alarming phone call that something was really wrong and you weren't yourself... after many failed attempts to get you to eat something I was able to get ahole of Theresa and she came over... she ended up rushing you to the vet where I got a very urgent phone call that you weren't going to make it... they put you on an IV and oxygen so I had enough time to get there. When I got there you perked your head right up a looked so happy to see me... you gave me a kiss and I hugged you... and I didn't let go of you, I hated seeing you in pain... I hated knowing that you were slipping away from me... the vet said your spleen had ruptured and you were bleeding internally and it was evident as your skinny little belly was so bloated... you were breathing very hard and I really wanted to see you go on your own, on your terms, your decision... Theresa and I talked to you and pet you and hugged you... the Doc kept coming back to check your heart and it was beating like a trooper... baby you didn't want to go I know you didn't, you didn't want to leave us but it hurt me so much to see you struggling. After being there for two hours and knowing you were going to fight I told Theresa I couldn't see you in pain anymore and she told the Doc it was time. Those moments hurt me so bad and it hurt me even more to watch you take your last breath. I wish I didn't have to make that decision but it hurt me so much to see you hurting... but know that Megan and I love you and miss you everyday and I know that when you got to the Rainbow Bridge Kylie and Cassie were there waiting for you.


Where's the dot?

Remembering the good times is bitter sweet... remembering all the funny and goofy things you did. Dawnie got you addicting to chasing a laser pointer dot and oh you would go crazy over this thing... and even when the batteries died all we would have to say is "where's the dot" and your eyes would drop straight to the floor and look for the dot. You were so funny and even funnier was Kylie didn't chase it like you did she just stared at you probably thinking you're a goof for chasing that thing. LOL!!!


Yep you found me! So I'll smile!!!

I always used to swear that in another life you were Harry Houdini because you could get into and out of anything... When I first got you and you were about a year old the vet said and you were still in that puppy chewing stage so rather than put you in a cage I gated you into the kitchen. The first day I came home from work you were in the living room, so I raised the gates slightly. Second day you were in the living room so I raised the gates further... but the third day I discovered you didn't jump over, you crawled under. So then I went out and bought two more gates and stacked them in each door frame one over the other and I'll be darned that if you weren't in the living room when I got home from work. I later found out that you didn't jump, you climbed. Our neighbor Sonny caught you one day climbing over the fence from our yard to theirs to play with their dog Dakota. But if that wasn't funny enough. One day I let you out to the backyard before going to work in the morning and when I went back to let you in you were no where to be found... but the side garage door was open... You were in the car... cause yes you did love your car rides and if I said "go for ride" I would have to put your happy butt in the car and take you somewhere even if it was around the block LOL. But that day you were in the car waiting to go somewhere... but the best part about it, the windows were rolled up and only cracked open a bit, but the sunroof was open... your silly self jumped on the hood and then went onto the roof and through the sunroof to get in. I swear!! Harry Houdini in a former life!!! LOL


Ok I'm packed, didn''t want you to forget!!

Like I said you loved being in the car and going anywhere. One day we went to my friend Patty's in Beecher for the weekend and as I was getting things packed up to go home you made sure I didn't leave you behind, you jumped in the trunk and made sure I knew you were ready to go to. I used to call you a Goober because you did so many silly things.



Just chillin'!!!

You and Kylie were best buds and as much as it breaks my heart I'm happy that you two are together again. Almost as if the two of you made a pact... Kylie left us on 5/3/2010 and you joined her on 5/6/2011.

From the time I brought her home from LaPorte, IN the two of you were inseparable. She followed you everywhere and did what you did. Even when it came to sneaking out of the house, you not only snuck out you guys decided to go roaming together and I'm sure the next few blocks over freaked to see two Rottweilers trotting down the sidewalk... but where did you go, you went three blocks down to a friend of our neighbors.

If one of you did something wrong you both looked guilty... you especially... almost as if to say "I will look guilty but she did it"


Keeping you company :)

   One of the things I really truly loved about the two of you was not only were you guys always together but you were both wherever I was too. If I was upstairs by the computer so were you. If I was watching TV in the living room I had one of you on each side of me and if I was in the kitchen you were both there waiting for something to fall. LOL


Bath Crazy!!!

   After a bath you were one crazy pup... if you got the bath in the house you would run back and forth through the house like a bat out of hell and then roll around on the floor.... if you were outside getting your bath you were a total nut and would run around out there and then roll in the grass, you were a total nut when you got a bath.



   You loved the snow... hated the rain but oh how you loved the snow... you would play in it like nobody's business. If I threw a snow ball in the air you would catch it and then wonder where it went when it fell apart. You would also bury your face in it as well. You were a crazy pup in the snow.


You & Scott

   I have recently become friends with Scott again, you remember Scott he was Mama's boyfriend at the time you came to me, he gave you your first bath and he was in our lives until Jan 2005. I've wondered if him coming back into my life was your doing. We are just friends and he's still the same sarcastic contankerous person he always was and that's ok. I know it took you a long time to warm up to him because we believe your abuser looked something like him and Uncle Matt, you were afraid of the both of them for a long time when I got you. But you and Scott always played and you were always excited to see him when he came over. I believe in higher powers and I believe you had something to do with him coming back into my life. :)


 (May 6, 2015) As a tribute to all my beautiful Rottie Angels on July 12, 2014 I got a new tattoo... 3 paw prints one to represent each beautiful soul that I miss with your name in a banner going across it. Brittnie with a special diabetes awareness ribbon for her name as she so bravely dealt with the disease as do I and my wonderful boyfriend Joe does. I carry my sweet babies with me always and their names on my leg as I have their precious memories tattooed in my heart. 


Abby is sexy and she knows it...LOL

Hello my precious Brittnie... (5/4/16)

Your 5 year angelversary is approaching and I wanted to stop in and tell you I miss you so so much, I miss all of you we talk about you all the time still, it's rare a day goes by that we don't remember one of our happy memories and sometimes even some of the not so good memories we had that now we can laugh at... like when you decided that Momma's leather sofa was a chew toy and chewed part of the arm rest and destroyed and entire cushion. I often still wonder what you thought it tasted like that made you do what you did. I do think though you were acting out a little because we had just lost Cassie and you were alone. You hid under our glass diningroom table as if I couldn't see you and I yelled at you for what you did and now I do regret that, but that was one of those moments that when I got home it was a bad day but now I'll buy ten sofas for you to chew on if I could only have you back. In a previous post I talked about my boyfriend Joe, whom I am no longer with and Momma could really use you girls for comfort and companionship. Don't get me wrong... we have a cat now her name is Abby but she's not the lovey dovey type she's kind of all about herself but she is sweet. Momma adopted her right around this time 2 years ago, it was really nice to have a furbaby in the house again after so many years of not having one. Momma adopted Abby from a shelter in Marsailes, IL... she was a stray found in Ottawa however she was once someone's furbaby as she apparently used to wear a collar they wore the hair off her neck even to this day and she has no claws in the front. It's funny because when Momma was picking her up Grammy and Papa had strict rules that she could only stay downstiars and then I picked her up and brought her to the summer home and opened the cage and the rules went right out the window and it only took about 10 seconds. She has a bed at the summer home, upstairs in the livingroom and down stairs in Momma's bedroom, though she sleeps with me most the time or on my office chair. I think you would have liked her, she's a little bossy but a sweet sweet furbaby.

Well my precious baby, it's getting late and I have to work in the morning and still want to visit your sister Kylie's page before bed.


I love you and miss you and so does Megan. I hope you Kylie and Cassie are the greatest of friends up at the Rainbow Bridge.


Love Momma

I've added a picture of Abby our newest furbaby



Look how big she's gotten!!

Brittnie I wanted to show you how big Megan has gotten. She was so little when you left and she has gotten so big. She is in the 4th grade and in Girl Scouts now, in her troop she sold the most cookies this year. She misses you and Kylie A LOT!!


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