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Memorial created 06-13-2011 by
Alyson Siczek
January 1 2004 - May 11 2011

In loving memory of our Baylee "Mr. B" who we love so much. Baylee  will be greatly missed and forever in our hearts. We are so sad for the loss of Baylee but will never forget our precious little boy. Love you Boo-Boo~


Baylee was the best dog and loyal friend.  He loved his family.  Baylee and Alex had lots of great times together. Baylee loved the beach, going for "rides", playing with his cousins, chewing rawhides, playing in the sprinkler with Alex and sharing PB & J with his little brother Alex. Baylee always loved to go to the beach and dig for crabs and chase the waves.  He loved walks in the park and chasing birds and squirrels~


We lost Baylee unexpectedly after surgery due to a blood clot.  Only the wonderful memories we made together will keep us going.  Thanks for taking care of your family Baylee.  You were the best~



Baylee and his Buddy Spunky~




Baylee and Alex had the best times together.  Nothing brought a bigger smile to my face than to watch the two of them play.  Baylee was the big brother and he was a great big brother. Alex knows that Baylee is with Jesus. He says it often~




                     Just a day in the Park ~




Our two precious little boys~



Baylee loved the snow and having snowball fights. He would run and run for hours in the snow~



The Family Picture 2010 

Baylee loved to ride and take trips.  The beach was always his favorite spot~



                                           The Boys~




                                                    Best Buds~





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