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Nadine Yarger
Lady Olivia
March 11 2008 - August 24 2011

My Baby...

Our Sweet Little Livvie

Little Livvie stole our hearts on Easter Day, 2009.  She was one year, two months old.  My daughter brought her and her best buddy, Stinky, to us on that most glorious day.  We didn't know it then but our lives were to be changed forever.  At that time, their names were Miss Olivia and Mr. Winkie.  Whoever gave them those names obviously had no idea that they were in the presence of royalty.  We had no choice but to give them the titles that they so richly deserved.  They were, without a doubt, Lord Stinky and Lady Olivia.



Livvie was a very timid and scared little girl when she arrived.  Stinky was her only "safe place" and he did his job very well - taking care of poor, scared little Livvie.  It took weeks, maybe even months (it seemed like years) before Livvie finally felt comfortable enough to venture away from Stinky's shadow and jump up on my lap.  From that day forward, Stinky was relieved of his duties.  Livvie became my shadow, my sweet little baby, and I became her reason for living.  She was by my side every possible second (when she wasn't chasing down every squirrel in the yard).  Her favorite spots (if she wasn't in my arms) were under my right arm or on my right shoulder.  Over the next few months Livvie became so happy and so well adjusted. The only time she hid under my arm was when there was "stranger danger" - which meant anybody outside of the immediate family. 

As the months went by - little Livvie would somehow come to the decision that one family member or another earned a spot in her "inner circle" of friends.  She would inform them of her decision by jumping up in their laps and allowing them to pet her.  Occasionally they'd even get a few kisses.  Kisses or not - the "accepted" person, without fail, felt very special and lucky to have the opportunity to pet her.  Just three weeks ago she finally accepted her brother-in-law, my daughter's husband.  He was so happy - he'd waited a long time her acceptance.  She would always watch him from across the room - sizing him up. 


Never Forget...

Sweet little tiny Livvie added so much to all of our lives.  I haven't been alone since the minute she entered my life.  If she wasn't in my arms, she was right around the corner, or right outside the door, or sitting patiently on the floor waiting for her personal invitation, at which point she would jump up and take her rightful spot under my right arm.  Every once in awhile she'd look up at me to make sure I was still there.  All I had to do was say her name and she would appear from wherever she was, just to be with me.  I'll never forget the day she allowed me to scratch her little belly.  She was so pleasantly surprised she just gazed into my eyes with so much love and adoration.  Belly scratching became a normal occurrence after that.    



Sleepy baby....

My sweet little baby will be remembered all over the state of Michigan and even in Wisconsin.  Lord Stinky and Lady Olivia created seven little papillon pups and made seven families very happy.  Their first litter of puppies was Lilly, Tilly and Silly.  The second litter was Peanut, Shucks, Billy and Bubba.  They are all SO precious and their families love them SO much.  I thank God for Stinky and Livvie.....

And I thank God for wrapping his arms around my Livvie and loving her in my absence.  I imagine Him gently sitting her down at the entrance to the Rainbow Bridge where she's met by her big brother BearButt and big sissy Gizmo.  They are so happy to see each other again that they almost feel guilty for not being sad anymore.  They're all running and playing happily and chasing squirrels and pine cones that all the angels are throwing for them. 

We'll be together again, my baby....  Give Gizmo and BearButt a kiss and cuddle for mama.  I love you. 


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