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Memorial created 09-28-2011 by
Brian Massegee
March 15 1996 - September 27 2011

My baby boy Fluke

In loving memory of my Fluke-a-Ruke who I love so much. You are the younger brother of the original trio consisting of yourself, Lil' Girl, and Simon--all of whom have already passed and can be found on this site as well. 

From his first day of life, he was a part of my life and will continue to be a part of me until I die.  Fate allowed you to become a very significant part of my life when nature dictates you should have died within your first two days of life.  Who could think these pets could do so much to make us more quality human beings?  You are now getting to visit your sister, Lil Girl, and your brother, Simon, who left us not too long ago.  I've never forgotten them and I will never forget you my baby boy.  I'll never forget the kitty kisses and the paw taps to my nose to let me know how much you loved me.  Your mere presence has been such a fixture in my life that I know I will be seeing you every day I wake until my own end.

You were strong and brave in the end and, like your daddy (me), endured the pains of cancer until there was nothing left but to give in.  The irony lies in the fact that you helped me from giving in to myself and allowing cancer to overtake me....twice.  You were with me through all of the most memorable moments of my life, watched me endure relationships, grow in my career, and even enjoyed travels around the state as you so loved the views from the car.  The best road trip kitty I will ever know.


with Brother Dartagnan

Big brother Dartagnan, little brother Oliver and new brother Cristo will miss you.  Ollie is already looking for you and wondering where his sleeping buddy has gone.   

Like your brother and sister before you...Christmas was your favorite time of year!

I've been in the hospital since two days after I let you go, recovering from corrective Cancer surgery.  My hallucinations of you were so vivid that I actually thought I was able to feel you walk alongside me in my bed and comfort me.  I tried to pet you and give you the loving you always wanted so much, but you were not there.  I remembered this site and how much it helps me to feel better to see you honored as your siblings, Lil Girl and Simon are.  I miss you so much my little Fluke, that I wonder if it will ever get easier.  The entire complexion of home is not the same. Oliver misses you and even Dartagnan and Cristo miss snuggling up with you at night.  I love you so much my little boy.


My Road Trip Kitty...

Never before have I had a cat that loved road trips like you did.  You stayed in my lap and watched out the window or walked around the backseat with your brother Dartagnan, letting him be full aware that you could go wherever you wanted, but he couldn't.  You were happiest with me in a hotel room than when I left you home.  I always remember how depressed you were after being left alone for extended periods of time and I wish now that I could have back every one of those days.  I would sacrifice every vacation and every trip that you were not a part of just to have those days with you again...


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