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Kasey Hall
May 3 2011

Baby Olivia

This beautiful, fluffy baby did not come to me in this condition. A few days after my graduation from college, a friend called and said that a lady had dropped off a very small kitten that had to be bottle fed to the pet store she worked at. They were unable to keep her so she asked if I would foster her until she was old enough to be placed in a home. Very little did I know that the home that she would be placed in would be my home.

When I went to pick her up, she was small and very scrawny. She did not win the prize for the cutest kitten ever at all. In fact, Patrick and I had joked that she was "the ugliest kitten" ever. On that first ride home, she curled into my lap and went to sleep without so much as a single meow. I got her home and had to bathe her and clean her up because her previous "owner" did not take care of her at all! She was being fed by a human size baby bottle. No wonder she didn't weigh hardly anything, the poor baby couldn't eat!

Through a lot of hard work and perserverance that "ugliest kitten ever" became my beautiful Olivia. I woke up for bottle feedings every two hours for two weeks straight. Man, was I tired! It was adorable how she would suckle on the bottle though and it would just melt my heart every time.

She was very tempermental and would swat at you whenever you went by her when she was upset or mad. But then, there were those times when all she wanted to do was climb up to your neck, bury her head there and "suckle"! It drove me crazy because she only wanted to do it when I was sleeping.

She played with her sisters Ellie and Luna so wonderfully. Well, I guess I should say she bossed poor Ellie around. Olivia always had to be fed first and she thought that everyone else's food was much more yummy than her own. She also had a thing for decapitating crickets. All over the house I would find cricket legs and various other body parts. There was nothing more she loved than laying out in the sun on the patio or bringing me the occasional dead animal.



Baby Livi, you were only with me for a short time. To my knowledge, you weren't even a year old. I don't know your actual birthdate but I wish I did. I wish I had a day to celebrate the day you came into this world. All I have is the day that I recieved you. Your short life was filled with a lot of ups and downs but never once were you not loved. Yes, Mommy would get very mad sometimes but what she wouldn't give to have you come back and stubbornly pee on the bed again! I never thought I'd see the day where I truly missed sweeping up cricket parts.

As your Mommy, I live with so much guilt that I wasn't able to protect you. I don't know what made you go near the road. I don't know why someone wouldn't stop after hitting such a precious creature. I spent so long being so angry at this person, whoever they are, and hoping some misfortune upon them. But that's not what you would want and Mommy knows that. You were my baby. My little girl. The house was so quiet without you. Our neighbor found you in the road and didn't know that you were ours. He buried you in his back yard and I can't thank him enough for this. He gave you the dignity that you deserved. He cared enough to get your sweet body out of the road and give you a proper resting place.

Once Mommy and Daddy found out, we took you to be cremated. The people at the Pet funeral home were so amazing to us. You would have been so embarrased, your Mommy was crying like a baby. They promised they would have you back home to us in 48 hours. They also promised to take as many clippings of your hair as we wanted. They took a clay imprint of your paw as well as ink prints and gave us your hair clippings when we came to pick you up. Those 48 hours without you though were so heartwrenching. Mommy cried all the time. Your bowl sat in the floor for weeks afterwards, still unwashed. To this day, I haven't washed your bowl that still has the stains of your last meal.

When you came home,  I was still sad but there was an overwhelming sense of peace. The peace that you were finally home to stay and nothing would ever separate us. Your home is in my heart. Your box sits on our dresser, right next to our bed. I see you first thing when I wake up. I kiss you goodnight sometimes, although you really never liked getting kisses!

It's been five whole months, Sweet Livi. There have been recent additions to our household (2 new kitties) and although I didn't know if I was ready for them or not, I know you brought them both to me to take care of and I promise I will not let you down.

Please forgive me for not protecting you like I should have. I miss you so much but I know that somehow, someday I will see your sweet face once more. I love you baby girl.


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