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Leeanne Nicholas
March 23 1997 - January 28 2012

My Little Buddy

On January 28, 2012 I lost my little buddy when the ravages of old age finally took him away and broke my heart. As he struggled in his final hours we were blessed to have a special doctor from the animal hospital care for him in such a loving and compassionate way that we will never forget. The doctor had the intuition to know that the end might be near and asked us to come right away to the hospital to visit and be with him. I will always be eternally grateful for this as it allowed us precious hours that we never could have gotten back. Aside from informing us in a way that we understood what was happening medically, she wanted to know who Beau really was and what he was like - what were the things he liked to do? I will never forget these questions as they were a source of great comfort to focus on at the time and the fact that she truly felt our pain and valued who Beau really was meant so much . With this we proceeded to tell her who our little guy really was -  as he simply was not the dog that laid motionless in my arms just a few hours from death. This is his story..........

Beau was my grandmothers dog who she got when he was a puppy. He lived with her and my Aunt Flo until Grammy died when Beau was 7 years old. Grammy and Flo doted on him and spoiled him rotten! When Flo was diagnosed with Alzheimers within a year of grammy dying, Beau was shuffled around to a few family members and then landed at my house.  I was so nervous knowing he was coming to live with me and my husband as I didnt know anything about taking care of a dog, especially a dog we thought was totally obnoxious and annoying from Grammy and Flo's spoiling! When my father finally dropped him off, Beau ran into my house straight to me and hopped into my lap.  I will never forget the pleading look in his eye to have his very own person again and that is who I became to him.  For the next 8 years Beau was the most loyal, faithful companion I could have ever wanted - my best buddy. He was always by my side and followed me everywhere. Every night when I pulled in the driveway from work he would be stationed at the door waiting for me no matter what the hour was. He went through several serious illnesses but always came through fighting. I owe the passion I now have for dogs to him. He definitely had the poodle intelligence and when we adopted our other dogs years after his arrival as companions for him, he took on the role of headmaster and trainer for each "newbie" including our rescue cats. The others always respected him as "head honcho" and loved him. Beau arrived two months after I was married in 2003 and was a part of my entire married life until this time and shared so many memories and his passing has left a huge hole in our home and our hearts. Below are some of my favorite memories of Beau and show more of who he really was. Goodbye my little buddy and thank you for all the love you gave. I know you are no longer here but your spirit will always live on in your home here with us............  


Beau and his favorite monster

Beau liked to float on his raft in the pool on hot summer days - he always had to take one of his monster toys in with him too!

Santa left a new toy for his favorite boy
Family Portrait 2009

Kisses for mommy

Unconditional love from my little furry man!


My little Snow Bunny

Beau had quite the wardrobe including his brown snow parka


Beau snoozin with his favorite girls - Sheep and Diamond

Beau with his women - Diamond and Sheep.  Diamond (left) was a puppy mill mother who Beau had to teach to become a dog. When she arrived she was completely shut down and terrified. He taught her how to walk up stairs, how to walk on a leash and even trained her in the art of begging from the table and hounding me for treats. He got her to love to go for walks and showed her all the best trees, telephone poles and mailboxes in the neighborhood to pee on!  Sheep (right) was an older gal who we adopted and died just a few short months before he did. She loved to snuggle with Beau in his bed and be near him.


Bumble Bee Beau

Beau always got dressed up for Halloween and walked around the neighborhood - his getup's included the bumble bee, little devil, Robin Hood and Monkey with yellow banana. I am sure he wasnt thrilled but always a good sport about it.


Beau and Lilly

Lilly was sick with a fever in this photo - Beau laid with her until she felt better and fell asleep....


at the beach with his best bud Foster the Cockerspaniel and Uncle Jim

Beau with Uncle Jim and his friend Foster the Cocker Spaniel. Uncle Jim and Aunt Sue are our neighbors who were very bonded with Beau. Many times Beau would sneak out of our backyard and head to their house if he saw them in their yard. Once there he would paw at  their gate to be let in and then lead them to their back door to be let into their house.  From there he would lead them to their treat cabinet so they could give him some treats as he knew where the treat stash was. When he was satisfied with his treats and felt like coming home he would go to their gate and paw on it to be let out to go home. Uncle Jim would yell across to us that he was on his way home and to be on the lookout for him!!! 


Doggie friends Chip, Kelly and Dodo came for a sleepover

Beau's other good friend Chip along with Chips sister and brother came to stay for a few days when their family was on vacation - of course everyone ended up in our bed and I ended up behind the camera


Baby Beau

Beau with my nephews Justin and Matthew and neice Kristina when he was a baby at Grammys house

Robin Hood
Teaching the new kid the ropes

When my husband rescued a kitten we named Sweet Pea and brought her home, Beau took on the role of mother to her. He knew we didnt want her outside and every time she would bolt out the door he would run after her and round her up. One day he got her by the scruff of her neck and carried her back in the house. If he saw her sitting at the front door (like she is in this photo) he would run up and put his arm around her in case someone opended the door.  She ended up growing to be even bigger than he was but would still rub her whole body under his chin as she walked by.....


Home from the hospital

Beau was bitten by a neighbors Siberian husky named Sasha one night when she passed by on a walk. Beau with his "big dog" attitude basically ran up to her and inserted himself into her mouth. For weeks we took him back and forth to the hospital for bandage changes to cover the stiches over his puncture wounds. When he would go out for potty breaks I would watch him like a hawk because he kept looking to see if I was watching him and I had a feeling he was up to something. One day I turned my back and he was gone....where did he go you might ask? well he made his way down to her house (three houses over) and was peeing on all of her trees.....apparently letting her know that he was back in town and she better beware!!


baby beau

Beau was the color of a brand new copper penny when he was a baby.....


Beau with Aunt Flo and Grammy

Beau was the apple of Aunt Flo's eye - you would always find him on her lap kissing her face. Grammy and Flo got Beau when he was a tiny puppy and he lived with them until Grammy died and Aunt Flo was diagnosed with Alheimers less than a year later and could no longer care for him. When he arrived at my house, I would take him to visit Aunt Flo until she finally lost all memory and once he realized she no longer knew who he was, he would get extrememly upset seeing her so we stopped taking him

Beau and his gal Sheep
Robbie, Lilly and Beau 2008

Beau loved his kids - we adopted Lilly and Robbie who adored Beau.  Not long after Robbie came to live with us (one and 1/2 years old), Robbie needed major surgery.  When he opened his eyes for the first in the recovery room after this surgery, the first thing he asked for was "Beau, Beau"!!! In a short period of time he was completely bonded with Beau and we ended up having to tape pictures of Beau in his crib at the hospital while he recovered.....  


Beau and Sheep on the beach

Beau loved the beach. On our drive over he would always know as we were getting near. He would pop up on my lap and start wagging his tail as he could smell the salt water getting closer and closer....Once he was there, he would roam the beach tirelessly wth a big smile on his face...


Beau with Whitey and Sheep

We adopted Sheep and her daddy Whitey in 2009. Whitey was 17 and Sheep was 14 at the time. They needed us and we needed them. We were looking for a companion for Beau who by then was 12 and couldnt be bothered with a young pup. They turned out to be just what he needed. Beaus other "horse brothers" Red, Spirit and Apollo are also seen in the photo. Beau was never thrilled with their sheer size but tolerated them as long as they didnt get within sniffing distance of him....


Beau and Diamond

 Beau with Diamond in training not long after her arrival. She became very bonded with him






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