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Memorial created 02-4-2012 by
Karen Wingo
April 6 2004 - January 28 2012

You came to us a lost little soul.  You captured us with your loving ways.  You stole our hearts...forever...


My dearest Spooky,

Since the day you first entered my life, you changed me.  I remember picking you up to take you into rescue.  The shelter had found you wandering the streets, your poor eye so messed up they couldn't save it.  All you wanted was a place to feel safe, to call home.  You entered my home, found a comfy place to lay down, and became a part of me that can never be replaced.

You made it your goal in life to "hold the pillow on the floor"...haha.  Our resident lump, we called you, but that was probably your most endearing quality.  You had the ability to make anyone feel better, no matter how bad their day was going, just by coming over and snuggling up with them.  And that's all you really wanted...someone to cuddle up to, just so you knew you were safe and loved.

I am SOOOO, SOOOO sorry that I couldn't save you, Spooky.  I have beaten myself up for the last week, wondering if I could have prevented the fire that took your life, that caused you unimaginable fear in your last moments on this earth.  I was so far away, and it sickens me to know that your sweet soul left this life without someone to hold you and comfort you.  The only comfort I can take now is in knowing that you are NOT alone at the Rainbow Bridge...Oreo, Lurch, Peanut, Trinity and RuPaul are all there with you, making you feel safe and secure once again, and showing you to your new special pillow to take solace and rest upon.


Rest well, my love...we SHALL meet again, and hopefully you will remember me with kindness and I shall remember your gentle soul ALWAYS!!


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