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Memorial created 02-23-2012 by
Tammy Tanksley
April 1 2007 - January 9 2012

Princess Peanut Butter

In loving memory of our Peanut who we love so much. Peanut will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  So small, but such a big heart!  Faithful, loving and entertaining.  She will always be remembered, always loved.


My Precious Peanut



A warm and gentle soul who loved life.  She loved to sleep in the sun, cuddle under the covers and eat anytime, day or night.  She loved to talk about getting a bite-bite and could throw her head back like a pro.  On November 20, 2010, she gave birth to three beautiful baby girls, Teaka, Queeny and Cornbread.  She was an exceptional mother.  Queeny and Cornbread stayed with our family and will always serve as reminders of how beautiful and precious their mother was. 


Rest In Peace, my baby

 She has her favorite toy with her and as always, she is beautiful.  Rest in peace, my little fat girl.  I will always love you.  As long as I live you will always be right here in my heart.  Always remembered, always loved.

Princess Peanut Butter

April 1, 2007 - January 9, 2012


Peanut's Grave

We placed our baby in the backyard where she loved to play.  Her stone is lit up with 4 lights and I can see it from my bedroom window. 


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