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Memorial created 03-9-2012 by
Devonda Davis
July 21 2003 - March 8 2012

Abby laying in her favorite bed

In loving memory of our Abby who we love so much. Abby will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.On Thursday March 8,2012 at 9:20 pm our beloved Abby crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.She was laying in her favorite new bed and surrounded by her mom,dad,sisters and canine brothers.We are Thankful to the Good Lord that Abby did not suffer and went quickly.Abby was a wonderful dog.We adopted her in July 2008 at the shelter when she was 5.She was already housebroken and got along great with our other dog and cats loved car rides and going to Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house for Sunday dinners.Unfortuantly Abby wasn't in our lives long enough. In July 2011 Abby started having some seizures and was put on Phenobarb and than she had more a couple months later and had to go on Potassium Bromide,it seems after she was on Potassium Bromide she was walking in circles and than had a head tilt and lost vision in her left eye.The doctor pretty much confirmed that it was a brain tumor.On January 2 Abby was not moving around much and acted like she was in pain so the doctor put her on predisone to see if would help relieve the swelling off of her brain and it did help for a couple months.The last two days of her life she was falling more and acting disoriented and having alot more accidents but still was eating and drinking very well but on Tuesday night around 9:00 she was heading to the kitchen and fell on her side as i ran in there her eyes acted like they were twitching and looking up and she cried out as i carried her to her bed as soon as that happened Abby was sort of in a coma and her pulse was slower and she started gasping for air.Within minutes she was gone.I believe either she went in a coma or she had a stroke at the end.My heart is so heavy right now I feel we didn't get to spend enough time with Abby.We only had her for a few years.Now she is in Heaven with my other wonderful shelter dog Shadow.I know they are running and playing and are healthy again and are waiting for me to join them one day.If you have a pet please give them all the love you can because you never know when they are going to go suddenly.Rest In Peace My Sweet Abby!

                                         Love Always,Mommy



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