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Memorial created 03-10-2012 by
Beth M. Howard
Dutch M. Howard-Zackowski
January 23 2001 - March 6 2012

In loving memory of our Dutch M. Howard-Zackowski whom we love so much. Dutch M. Howard-Zackowski will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.   You were not just a friend but also brought Hope and Healing to someone who had just lost another True and Valued Friend as well.  You were a "Heart Dog" and a "Medicine Dog" as well.  "Daddy" Joe had to train you to got outside by sleeping on the floor at night so you could tell him you had to go out, later on you would sit politely by the door and give us that "Look".  We had many exploits and adventures which was how we came to meet the man you came to know and love as "Daddy".  You had a lot of friends that love you and miss you as well and you will hear from them shortly.  The biggest thing that you taught me is something  that I am lovingly refering to as "Dog Logic" which was your way of telling me not to be sad.  Daddy only knew you in the last seven years but he also knew what you meant to me as a Friend, Healer, Medicine Dog and all around "Good Guy"  You were always ready for anything that I was up to when it came to going for a ride in the car and you never cared whether I sang off key or not  it didn't bother you at all.  You were always doing things to make me laugh especially when you would chase and then bite your own tail and then yell about it afterwards.  People would come up and admire your beautiful markings and the spot on your head that always looked like a big thumbprint and when they found out you were a Pit Bull they would run the other direction because they didn't know that you were the coolest, calmest, super laidback guy anyone could ever want to know (only a few of us knew that little secret).  If anyone could have been an ambassador for for the breed it was you hands down.  You were also the one who kept a watchful eye on me during my recovery from two very serious surgeries the first being my appendix and the other one was cancer and I couldn't have asked for a better "Doctor" than you were.  I would always get a kick out of the way you would watch the Deer in the yard you were always so polite and never barked until after they left as if to say "please come back I won't hurt you I only want to look at you for awhile yet"  What I really miss is being able to rub your ears because they reminded me of the softest velvet one could put their hands on.  You are not only my Love but you are also my "Mr. Wubbs"  or my "Bubba-Wubbas" which are just two of the pet names I had for you.  Your specialty was to make anyone who came into this house a friend and to make them laugh and enjoy the time they spent with you but you were especially good at making the hard times and sad times disappear  when you looked at me with those eyes or wiggled your nose in that Special Way you always did.  You would have made an amazing THERAPY DOG because of your Healing Ways but you were audiologically challenged and couldn't hear so I would take your face in my hands and say "I Love You" and you always knew what I was saying to you.  You were so sweet you could have been a box of cookies and that's the way we liked you, Thank You Dr. Clair for that one.  I can't Thank You enough for the last ten years that you spent with me not only as my friend but as I said before a "Heart Dog" as well.  The magic and wisdom of Dogdom will never be truly known or explained but you certainly brought a little Magic and Love into my life and others that you touched as well.  Play hard with your new friends and the old ones as well for someday we will all meet again at "The Rainbow Bridge".    Love Mom and Dad (Beth and Joe)








Dear Dutch,  Words cannot express the sadness I feel in losing you as a friend and playmate for the last four years.  You were the absolute best friend anyone could ever want to have.  You never hurt or mauled me as any other dog might do to a cat.  You were always a Gentleman in every way .  I promised Mom and Dad that Goldie, Shoulon, and I would take care of them in the best way that we could and make them laugh and be happy although we can't do it in the same way that you did, you were truly one unique dog and that says a great deal.  One day we will all meet at "The Rainbow Bridge" have fun and say hello to Fluffernutter for me as well as the rest of our friends.  Love and Cat Hugs, Your Friend Mischa

Dear Dutch,  Although I was very young when you first came to live here I grew to love you as a friend and playmate as well.  Please allow me to express my sorrow at your passing you were a wonderful friend and took care of Mom better than any Doctor ever could.  I promise that I along with Shoulon and Mischa will take care of Mom and Dad in your stead although not as you could.  Have fun and say "Hello" to all our old friends and your new ones as well.  Love and Cat Hugs, Your Friend Goldie

Dear Dutch,  You were the best Daddy anyone could want for their puppies, they were all beautiful.  Say "Hello" to all from us.  Love and Dog Hugs,  Your Best Girl Shoulon


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