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Memorial created 03-17-2012 by
Sherin Jester
May 7 1997 - March 16 2012

How will we make it without him?

In loving memory of our Liam who we love so much. Liam will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

 Liam has been such a special boy his entire life.   Not a mean bone in his sweet body.  He loved everyone!  Liam is truly my heart and soul and I can barely breathe thinking that I will not get to hold him, kiss him and love on him again.  I pray that we will be together in heaven - he will never leave my soul.  I am not sure how to go on.  Liam Liam Liam Liam Liam your mother loves you and oh how she misses your sweet kisses.  Rest in peace my  I am with are not alone. I love you...Momma.


Rest rest rest and know you are never alone. I love you.


The first time we saw Liam, he was in a baby playpen with about 4-5 of his brothers and sisters. Liam was the only one standing up against the side of the pen and awake to greet us. There was no mistaking it...he chose us to be the ones he wanted to go home with. How very lucky we were too!

I cannot recall him ever not being kind to a person or another dog. We have brought 3 other dog babies into our home since he joined our family, and he never showed any signs of not welcoming these newest members of our home. They still knew he was the alpha of the pack, even when he couldn't jump on to furniture to be the closest to the Mom and Dad, they still acknowledged his standing. 

He was so damn handsome too! Sometimes he would be mistaken for a girl (we would quickly correct the unobservant person) because of his beautiful markings and friendly demeanor. Only dog I have ever had that would assume so many show dog stances and actions. If we had taken the steps, I am 100% positive he would have won awards. 

My generation doesn't allow that men are supposed to show emotion, even in times of great emotional pain, but I am not ashamed to say I cried yesterday until I couldn't see clearly anymore. Every time I walk through the house I see things that remind me of the time God allowed this little angel into our lives, and I tear up again. We have had too much of that kind of pain in our life this last decade, and I know what worn out phrases and cliches people say to those experiencing loss, but this hurts an awful lot. 

If I thought that he was still enjoying himself and his life, I would have happily continued on with handfeeding him, waking at all hours of the night for his pottys, and cleaning up his mistakes when we would not be there in time, but I am convinced his body and soul had simply given up after a hell of a fight. 

Bub, I am gonna miss you so much, but will carry your beautiful memories with me the remainder of my life, and like Ellen's memories, they will be opened up from time to time with a big smile that you always gave me these last 15 years. 

Your Dad.


My precious boy - sweet dreams.

 Goodnight my precious Liam.  Only a day has passed since you left us and it seems like an eternity.  Praying you are with Ellen and Elsa and Grandma and Papa chasing butterflies on a beautiful flower filled meadow.  I love you I miss you I will never forget heart is broken but I know you were tired.  Sleep good and Mama will be back tomorrow to send my love.


Another day has passed without you my precious boy. It is so hard to get through the day...but I was blessed to see you again today twice and it was wonderful for my heart and soul.  We finally have you back home and you will sleep on the table next to me tonight and everynight for the rest of my time on earth.  I love you so much and miss you so much I find it hard to breathe BUT I will get better and just know I am always with you Liam.  Love Momma

Good Morning my precious boy! I hate sleeping without you beside me.

Another day has passed without you here and I missed you every minute of the day. Night has come again and I want you to imagine that I am hugging you and kissing your soft face through the night.  Pray you and Ellen are strong and happy and in a wonderful place just waiting for the rest of us to join you.  Momma loves you Liam.

Good morning my precious boy. I miss you. you.

Sweet dreams my little beautiful boy.   Momma loves you and misses you terribly.  I am holding your head and kissing your precious face and I will always be with are not alone.  Until tomorrow Liam.  I love you.


This day has passed and night has fallen again.  I have missed you every moment of the day and oh wish you were here so much for me to kiss and hug.  I love you Liam and I am always with you.  It seems you are surrounded by so many sweet angels that have gone before you and with Ellen and Elsa I hope and trust you are safe.  I can remember everything about you Liam and you are oh so special.  I love you Momma.  Sweet dreams.




Liam helping me open a gift.

Liam - it has only been one month since you left us and it seems like an eternity.  I miss you so much were my heart and soul and you watched over me.  Keep watching over me Liam.  I will never leave you Liam - you are and will forever be in my heart.  You sleep beside me every night and I only wish I could hold you and give your soft face lots of kisses.  Oh why oh why do we have to lose those we love so much.

Momma loves you Liam.



Liam - oh how much I wish you were here so very much so we could all celebrate 15 years of our wonderful time with you.  You brought me ... us... so much joy and so much love.  I miss you so much still that it is hard to bear.  We are going to celebrate your life today and remember you with joy love sorrow happiness AND remember all the beautiful times we had with you from when you were just a cute little puppy to the day you tired and were ready to say goodbye.   I love you Liam....always miss you and always be with you.



Oh how I miss you!

Liam, oh my precious Liam, today is Ellen's angel anniversary.  I know you are together and loving each other.  Oh how I wish you and Ellen were still here with us.  Momma misses you so very much Liam....I will never forget you will always be my heart and my soul and I will ALWAYS be with you my sweet boy.  So many many tears.


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