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Memorial created 03-19-2012 by
Cyndi Caron
Bear Caron (nee Galgozy)
December 18 2001 - March 11 2012

Our Beautiful Bear

In loving memory of our Bear Caron (nee Galgozy) who we love so much. Bear Caron (nee Galgozy) will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Bear spent the first nine years of his life with my brother Dennis, living in Texas. My brother needed to place Bear when he needed to go into Rehab and made the hardest decision but knew that we would lovingly care for Bear. 

Bear spent almost a year with us and we fell in love with him. He was such a good dog. Words cannot describe just how good he was. He became suddenly ill and each day of his illness (pancreatitis) he would improve in one aspect, but get worse in another. First his kidney functions were poor. Then they were good but his blood sugar became very high..then that was controlled and his pancreas was still enlarged.  He fought a battle that we all believed, even the vet , that he would win.  But sadly, we lost our friend...our furchild...Bear.


Bear is a Schipperke.  A somewhat rare breed, born without a tail and truly he looked like a Bear. He was so very healthy. The photo here is exactly 2 weeks prior to his passing:(

Below is the diary that I kept of each day that I had posted on Facebook for prayers for our Bear.



From the Diary of Bears Illness

Bear is our loving family furkid and he is very ill. I started a post on my wall and decided it would be much easier to have all my comments in one place. First, let me tell you a bit about Bear. He is a Schkipperke. Looks exactly like a bear...except a dog. Born without a tail.

Initially he belonged to my brother who lives in Texas. My brother needed to re-locate Bear as he was going into rehab. At the time he trusted nobody but myself and my husband...our family. Bear already knew us from his visits here to NH from Texas, so early last year we "adopted" Bear. He fit right in and he and our Shih Tzu Molly and Bear bonded immediately! Bear is the best dog that anyone could ever ask for! He is loving, and a very gentle soul. He listens impeccably. He loves to run in the backyard, of which we have a couple acres and we can watch him run and call him and he will come running back. He set his own bedtime at 7:30 pm each night! LOL We would say "where is Bear?" and he would come running down from the bedroom...look at us as if to say "woops. Forgot. Goodnight." and the minute we would say "Goodnight Bear"...he would turn and run back up!
Every time I come in the door he and Molly would both greet me at the top of the steps...except Bear would always extend his paw out and I would shake it...then he would do two spins and run and find his toy and be happy I am home and bring it to me. Not to throw...just would bring it to me. Like a present. Bear only likes white small stuffed toys. Odd..but that is what he likes. No colorful toys, rubber or plastic dog toys...only small white stuffed animals and they have to be white. Not easy to find...but whenever I would find one...I would buy it for him.
Bear will sleep each night at the foot of our bed and no matter who wakes first, myself of my husband, Bear will stay there until the last person wakes each morning. Then he would go out to potty. An amazing dog. A member of our family.
Bear loved to eat and I cook and make only natural home cooked meals for my dogs. (When puppies they would have puppy food the first year and a half.) For supper they would have home cooked food: Chicken, Turkey, lean ground beef, white pork on occasion and sometimes steak. And...cheese. I would mix a bit of Rice, veges and once a month...pasta. For treats we would let them have unsalted Ritz crackers and every once in awhile a doggy treat. Except bones. They each have a dog biscuit bone each day. They also love their chew bones made from rawhide - beef flavored, or bacon.
On Monday March 5, 2012 Bear went and drank from his water bowl super fast and a lot. He always drank a lot of water and I suspected diabetes and asked the vet to test him three weeks ago in which it came back normal. At the time she said he may have a slight endocrine situation going on and said that he needed to lose 1 pound. LOL. I laughed as I cannot imagine only having to lose 1 pound? She offered to do the more detailed diabetes test but said it was around $368.00. Since this test came back normal , and he wasn't fasting, I decided to forego it and made sure I would cut out the carb of the cracker and see if that may help. However, he turned deathly ill by eve on Monday. I didn't know it. All I know is he would drink the same and then a bit later throw up all the water! We just had new wood floors installed a few days before and boy did we have that done in time! Much easier to clean than carpeting with Bear throwing up! Yet...I thought perhaps he was just drinking it too fast. After this happened 4 times we decided to take him to the vets. From this point I will copy and paste each days vet updates. Please keep Bear in your prayers. He is very sick and the vet hospital said he is such a fighter and they, nor us, are going to give up on him. Thank you.
Day 1 and 2:
I have been in and out of the doggy hospital with Bear, our doggy who is only 10 years old. (schipperke) . We are heartbroken. He is in critical condition with pancreatitis. Blood sugar 600, kidney functions were poor last night..better today. Fever 104.8. He looks so sad. Fever down to 103 this eve. Blood sugar 387. This came on suddenly yesterday. He was drinking water and would throw it up. I thought he needs to slow down and he still did it 3 times. Then he just didn't look good in the eyes…sad, ill …didn't feel well. Took him to vet hospital yesterday and he was admitted in critical condition…still is. We visited this morning before work and he looked so very sad and lethargic but would perk up when John talked. I went again tonight with Jeff and me and we brought Molly to see him as she has been crying for him at home. The minute we got in the door…she was crying. (Molly) We then went into the room and they brought bear and he actually looked better tonight then this morning. My heart aches…he is such a good boy. SOOOO good. I just want him home and running to meet me every time I come in the door and he stands at top step and holds a paw out for me to grasp then he spins around a few times and runs and gets his special toy to bring to me. I want that again so bad. I brought another new tshirt for him to sleep with that we all rubbed on ourselves to put our smells in it to stay with him tonight. He had one last night too. Keep prayers going. We love him and need him back home. Bear used to be my brother's dog but we inherited him when my brother had to have treatment and we flew him to our home from Texas early last year. He loves us very very much and we need prayers that he will heal.

I have a video that I did this morning when I went to visit Bear before work. He looked a little more perky. He is still considered critical-guarded condition. His kidney function tests were normal (thank goodness as they were poor two days ago) ...however, last night he vomited twice and his liver is now being affected. His repeat ultrasound shows that the pancreas is just as inflamed today as the day he came in:( It's been 4 days and 3 nights now...he is fighting hard. On a positive he didn't have to have insulin last now we pray the liver is only temporary...that no more vomiting and he will move towards healing. I took this video this morning before work but it will not let me upload here so I have to share at the top of my wall. Thank you all so much for the prayers. So VERY much!

Day 4 Morning: Update: Thank you for your prayers for our Bear. He is fighting hard and I learned last night that he trotted outside on his own to go potty so that is an improvement! Just when I think that he may not make it...he does something that has be thinking he may. Again, thank you very much.

Day 4 Afternoon: update: We just left the vets. He had a bad turn last night and now is throwing up bile. They said the gallbladder. Doctor isn't in yet but will assess him and also he had ice packs in his bed as fever again last night. It is not looking good. He may need to go to Rainbow Bridge (Doggy heaven) today. I am terribly sad. I couldn't quit crying and he kept looking up at me. I asked if I could take him outside to go potty and they said yes. He trotted along and would stop and stand in place...then trot along again. He loves the fresh air and walks. He did go potty too. My heart is breaking.

Day 5 Morning: Please pray for Bear, my dog who I love very much. He has taken somewhat a turn for the worse last night with vomiting bile. (Pancreatitis) Doctor will assess this morning and will give us an idea of his prognosis and outcome. I've cried since 7 am since we left and he needs prayers. Please.

Day 5: Tonights Visit: Bear is fighting that is for sure!He seems more perky. He now has a poodle leg haircut as they had to shave around his other front leg to get blood now it will match the one with the IV. I stayed two hours with him tonight and took him for a walk around outside and he went to bathroom and seemed perkier, not himself, but perkier. His temp was 105.1 when I got there he was on a cooling blanket. Still no food or water. However, after he went for walk I was able to get him to go number 1 and then when I got back in I put the water bowl on floor in the hospital room and he made a couple attempts to lick at it...which is HUGE progress for him. He walked around the hospital floor area and even went up to the doctor and got on hind leg for her to pick him up which I thought was fantastic!! He did have more bile vomit today and earlier this eve. He was rather tired after all the excitement of being "independent" tonight and I think he will sleep well and have good dreams. I will be there first thing in the morning and will update then. Here is video from tonights little walk. Keep the prayers going, please. I forgot to mention. A new tech needed to do Bear's temp earlier this eve. Said she was confused as no tail and no nub! LOL She never saw a Shkipperke before and did not know born without tails.

Day 6 Morning: Thank you all. Bear was very tired today and really did not have a great morning. He had a couple bouts of bile (yellow acid throw up) and I did take him for a walk but he did not want to walk back into the vet hospital. Was very tired. The walk is short in the back where staff take doggies to go potty. His blood sugar was excellent and kidneys good. Pancreas is starting to slowly go down and she said that is from no food or fluids for 6 days. I am boiling chicken and white rice to take him for dinner as he will not eat their dog food. (He is on a home cooked diet as I do my own turkey, chicken, once a week lean beef, rice and vegetables) so she felt it important he eat what he is used to...just NO CHEESE!! (Which he always had before, but we did not know he may have had Cushings which caused this pancreatitis to begin with:( It was not a good day for others at the vets. Pray for the two families who lost their cats. One to cancer and the other to feline leukemia. So so sad. The staff at Advanced Veterinary Care in Londonderry, NH are absolutely the very best. We couldnt ask for better care.

Day 6 Afternoon: My husband brought Bear his fresh boiled chicken, cubed, and white rice. John said that Bear looked a little better. He drank water and diid not throw it up! He went for a short walk and potty outside. Again had another bowel movement that they said is stuff that has been in there for a week...because he has not eaten any food at all for 6 days. So they say that is a good sign. His gastro system is relaxing a bit and may start working good again towards improvements. He refused to eat the chicken or the rice.

Day 6 Eve: Just got home from my visit with my loving Bear. They alerted me before I went back that he now has a feeding tube which goes into his nostril and into his stomach...along with his IV for hydration. The vet said that this is a "good thing" because he now needs protein as he has gone past the limit for "fasting" to heal the pancreas and thus far he is tolerating the tube feed and has not thrown up or had the runs. She also said he has pneumonia...slightly and feels that is the problem of his fever the past few days so he is on a new antibiotic that they started this afternoon and she sees improvements in him already. His temp was only 103 which is good as it has been n105. His blood sugar good. Kidneys good. Pancreas going down slowly. When I got to him he about jumped out of the cage bed and into my arms and did not want back in! That is another good thing as prior he was very sluggish a lot. he is still "on the edge" and it could turn either way. The next day or two will be a real indicator as to his overall wellness. PLEASE keep the prayers going. We will not give up and ask that all the prayers not be given up either. Thank you so much. I will update more on the posts at this page.

Day 7: Morning:
Bear has had problems with feeding tube and throwing up so his body is not tolerating proteins yet. His pancreas has decreased a bit. He is fighting pneumonia but at this point is still alert and cognitive. I took him for a walk around the hospital and outside. Only once he tired and sat down. Then I held him for walks. He liked the fresh air. He then was ready to walk back in. We got to a special room where he plopped down on the cool floor and I played music for him from my Ipod. He loves "Moves Like Jagger" and perked up and came and sat on my lap. After an hour or so it was time to go and his temp was 103.5 which was good. He was ready to rest and they are taking his feeding tube out since he is not tolerating protein feedings and they will give him 24 hours before attempting food again. It's almost like day one all over again:( Please keep praying.


Getting ready to go to the hospital. Bear did not have a good night. He fever spiked to 105 again and he vomited the tube feeding. This is really not good. He needs protein nourishment. He will not eat food which is why the tube feeding had to be done. Please keep praying. Will update when I get home.


Day 7:  Afternoon:

It is with a very heavy heart...our Bear has passed away. He took a deep breath in his sleep and passed on his own. I am so appreciative for all your prayers. I'm so sorry to report this. Cynthia





I was so hopeful :(
Bear's recovery in progress. Day 5 of hospital. 105.1 fever, pancreas swelling is slightly improving, no insulin needed for two days now! Bile coming up from mouth...due to no food in system. Took a couple sips of water...hesitantly. did not want food. IV's still in. Had feeding tube placed after we went for this walk. he didn't like the tube..and did not tolerate the feed. He threw it up so they had to take the feeding tube out. He passed away to Rainbow Bridge that afternoon during his naptime. Ironically I had just left the hospital and went home for my nap too.


I LOVE AND MISS YOU BEAR..............SO VERY MUCH! Love, Mom Cyndi & Papa John and your Dad, Dennis


Sunset in our backyard. How you loved to go in and out the doggy door and gaze out!

You were so good Bear! All we had to do is call your name and you always come running back. I miss you so very much. I miss your greeting me at the door and then doing your spins and running to get your favorite toys...always white stuffed animals...small ones...never liked anything else...just plain ol' white toys. You are and were so special and will be in my heart forever....and in the hearts of many.

We love and miss you.


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