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April 27 1999 - March 1 2012

Sweet Neuman

In loving memory of our NEUMAN who we love so much. NEUMAN will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.Neuman was only 3 1/2 when he got sick.  He had to stay away from other animals, and could only have play time with his human family.  He played and romped like a puppy all of his life. He opened his mouth for his medicine!!  Such a little trooper.  He took 22 pills daily..He lived 9 years longer than the doctors thought he would. We had to let him go only after his heart was giving out and he got cancer.  He was 2 months shy of his 13th birthday!   He lived so long with his illness because of all the love he received.  I will love him forever.  I was able to hold him in my arms for a very long time on his final day. I couldn't bear to put him down and go, knowing I would never again breath the scent of his furry head, or hug his warm soft body and kiss his  little paws that seemed to always smell like popcorn!!    He was the joy and happiness of our home, and it is a sad place to be now that he is gone.  I pray that we will be reunited in the future!   We love you Neumie!!


He loves his dad

When Neuman was 11, we decided to allow him some fun with other dogs!   He had playtime with his "cousin"  Chloe, and began to romp with the neighborhood dogs, after just walking by them for so many years!   Neuman had a whole new world opened up for him!   He still preferred playtime with his dad though, when he would hide his ball under the blanket, so he could go get it, and romp in the family room with dad on the floor, playing tug, and fetch, and just being silly together!    I enjoyed the smiles on both of their faces!!   Whenever we would go sit in the familky room, Neuman would get all excited, cause he knew his dad was going to play with him.  When he was spent, he would lay on his sheepskin near me, and snooze till bedtime, where of course, he happily shared our bed. 


Neuman with his muzzle on to go outdoors for a walk

Its been 6 weeks without Neumie, and me heart is still aching for him.  He was such a treasure!   He brought smiles to our faces the first thing in the morning, to the last thing at bedtime.  His sheepskin lays in its spot by my chair still.  I can picture him there, curled up in sweet slumber. I used to laugh when he went for a walk with his muzzle on, which made him look like Hannibal Lechter!!  ( He didn't pick up germs that way)  I pray that he is somewhere happy, and that he doesn't miss us as much as we are missing him.  What a true love it is we share with our fur babies.  I don't think there is a truer love than that.


My angel in the snow

Today is your Birthday sweet Neuman!   I wish you were here with me now to have a

doggy cake and fun day!  We were hoping that you would make it another 3 years at least!  I guess we were kidding ourselves, because the thought of life without you was just too painful to acknowledge.  It hasn't gotten any easier for me yet....  Daddy is doing better, he is busy with work and out and about.   I remain missing you terribly .   When I return to an empty house it is so sad.  The tears come so often. I found one of your sweet potato chips behinsd the chair, and wept.  I look at your empty bed and weep.  Wherever I go in the house, there I see you and I weep.   We are looking into adopting a new dog soon, but I have mixed feelings.  Neuman, you will NEVER be replaced!!   It would be impossible to have another dog that was so sweet, so perfect and so loved.   You will never be forgotten.  I am going to put some of your ashes into the root of a small tree that will be planted in the yard where you used to like to watch the goings on in the neighborhood so you can grow with the tree..Please know that you will be missed and loved till my dying day when I hope we will be together again.♥♥♥


Today  marks one year since our sweet Neuman  passed.  There has not been a day since that I have not thought of him.  I see his pictures thruout my home, and smile, and still miss him something awful.    We got a rescue in May, and Chevy is a funny, energetic guy, and I love him, BUT  tere will never be a dog to take Neuman's place.  There is a piece of my heart that went with Neumie, and I will love and miss him forever.  His sweet face smiles down at me from his portrait, that a friend painted for us 2 years before he passed.  We treasure it.


 My tears flow each time I visit my Neuman's memorial, and read the beautiful words from evryone who understands that the pain is still there even after 2 years.  Thank you so much for the kind words and love for my Neuman.   I  know that we will be together again!



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