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Memorial created 04-17-2012 by
Kate Boyle
April 1 1993 - April 16 2012

CoCo was only five weeks old when given to me by a homeless person.  I never really connected to cats but didn't want to send the tiny thing back to the street. She was covered in fleas and hungry and so I took her home. CoCo turned out to be such a smart and clever kitty, she took to her litter box and food right on queue.  I got rid of her fleas and by that time, she was my baby and I was hooked on her. I didn't really adopt her, she adopted me. I named her CoCo because she looked like a tiny chocolate puff ball, hence CoCo Puff.

CoCo was my best friend for 19 years, at times my only friend. I leaned on her so much in hard times that the loss of her is unbearable. It will be hard to live without that furry little presence and sweet face looking up at me. The night she died, we watched the sunset go down together, and then a few hours later she died in my arms. I am so relieved I was there for her.

"CoCo, I hope your life with me was always happy and I made you feel as safe and loved as you made me. I wish I was better to you, especially in that last month when you were declining. You were so good at hiding pain; I didn't know your time was coming. If you're waiting for me at that Rainbow Bridge, then I'll meet you half way some day. I miss you CoCo, and love you so very much."


April 1, 2013

"Hello CoCo. It's your birthday today, and you would have been 20. Such an old lady .Words can't describe how much I miss you, and how big of a gap there still is in my life without you. I hope you are happy where ever you are. We will celebrate your birthday tonight with your favorite food, tuna and ice cream. I love you CoCo, I always will."   


April 16, 2013

 "Hi CoCo, today is the first year anniversary since you left us, and it has not been a good day for me. I'm not sure if you had anything to do with this but a few nights ago a little black kitty showed up on my doorstop. We could not find her owners, but we did find her a good home. I'm not ready to replace you just yet, your memories are still too vivid and I don't want to confuse them with new memories. I love you CoCo, RIP."


 April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday CoCo. You would be 21 today! We miss you so much. We have a new Kitty, Truffle, and she has helped us bring balance back to our life but she will never replace you.

I love you CoCo.


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