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Memorial created 07-3-2012 by
Mary Kopco
Celtie Sue Kopco
March 16 1998 - July 3 2012

Celtie Sue

At age 6, Alex wrote Santa: All I want for Christmas is a dog and a house. The house came first and soon after the dog. Celtie arrived in a cat kennel. Love. Love. Love. Hop. Hop. Hop. She marched in Deadwood’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Shook her pom-pom tail each time a touchdown or home run was scored. Bunny thought she was the cat’s meow. KayCee, not so much. Merlin loved her dearly and Jack just wanted her to play. She was a kitty dog for sure. She stole a pea off of Alex’s plate, romped in the back yard, twirled and spinned, licked sore feet, and laid at the base of Baba’s bed as she died. She tossed out a lick to her Aunt Lisa and loved the fact Papaw slipped her cheese on the sly. She hated rain but loved the snow. Celtie Sue knew the ring of the back door bell meant a snausage and cookie. Alex’s best furry friend. Our dear and darling dog. Celtie, the beautiful princess. We love and miss you dear sweet girl, Mom, Dad, Alex and Black Jack

Alex and his sweet pup
Celtie waiting for Papaw to slip her some cheese.
Giving Carla some sugar.
Paul and his best fur pals Merlin and Celtie
Newly groomed--slippery and shiny!
Alex and Celtie, 2010

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