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Memorial created 07-21-2012 by
Matt Kade
March 14 2001 - July 21 2012

In loving memory of our George who we love so much. George will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Angela had George ever since he was a kitten, and boy did he have a personality. Most animals are predictable, but not George, one moment you are petting him and the next moment he is attacking your hand. George used to bring us home presents everyday, whether birds, mice or snakes he always made sure you knew he loved you. 


George will be greatly missed by everyone, but especially Angela as she had George for 11 years and toted him everywhere she went. 


We Love you George (Georgie, G Money, G), you will always be in our hearts and a part of our family. 

You're too close!!
"Yea thats right, I'm chillin"
"I make this bandana look good"
"No one messes with my BoFriend"
"Whoa, what was that!"
"This is my carpet, watch where you step"
George's last day with us
George liked country music just like his momma
George loved to lay in boxes and bags
Sharing the Christmas spirit with his dad
Santa Cat, if you're nice he may bring you a bird or mouse

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