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Memorial created 08-17-2012 by
Kathy Dodd
March 14 1997 - August 17 2012

Haley at age 5 in 2002. She was such a sweet little girl.

In loving memory of our sweet girl, Haley, who we love so much. Haley will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

She was born in Akron, OH on March 14, 1997  to her calico mother, Dinah, who was Kathy's Mom's cat. Little Haley was the runt of the litter, so special care was taken to make sure she was OK in her early life. When it came time to "give away" Dinah's kittens, Kathy wanted to keep Haley since she had forged a unique bond with her.


Haley being snuggled by Eric

After graduating from college in 2001, Haley joined Kathy in the Baltimore-Washington area and stayed with her through multiple roommates, apartments, jobs - and the man other ups and downs you can experience in your 20's and early 30's.

In 2008 Kathy and Haley moved in with Eric (Kathy's boyfriend) to his home in Alexandria. Haley and Eric quickly became best buddies - from nap time after work, to sharing special treats (salmon, tuna!).

Through sunning herself near the patio door to enjoying couch time and her special nook, Haley will always have a special place in our hearts forever.


My sweet girl - her portrait in 2008

 Why Haley Bean, and Hale-Bopp?

Little Haley had a laundry list of names. Her official name on her original vet records is Hale-Bopp Comet, which if you remember was from Comet Hale–Bopp. That comet was perhaps the most widely observed comet of the 20th century and one of the brightest seen for many decades. Hale–Bopp had its closest approach to Earth on March 22, 1997 - just a week after Haley's birth. What a more appropriate name for a kitten that was such a bright spot in my life than Hale-Bopp.

It only took a few months for Hale-Bopp to be shortened to Haley, which means ingenious and clever. Very appropriate for a cat!

Now, Haley Bean is due to Eric. Haley was the runt of the litter so she always looked like she was 9 months old (even in her adult years). So Eric called her a "Bean" since she would roll herself up for naps and look like a bean. It stuck.


Sleeping in her favorite spot, with her favorite pillow.

From Kathy...

She was such a sweet girl. Faithful companion for so many years. I am so fortunate that I watched her come into my life, and while sad, greatful to see her go quietly and quickly. She didn't suffer for very long time, which I will always be thankful for. 

After 15 years, I feel like I've lost one of my best friends. I hope to see you again, Haley! In the meantime, enjoy the freedom and playing with the cats from your youth - and our family dog, Cookie (she was a friend to all kitties - they snuggled up next to that cocker spaniel all the time).

 We'll light a candle for you Mondays...


She could sleep anywhere!
She's hanging out with the Christmas tree, 2008
Haley's Mom, Dinah. She made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge a couple years ago
Haley always was looking to explore, even if it meant priority overnight! :-)



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